Month: January 2013

New Music: Youth Lagoon – Dropla

Youth Lagoon's Wondrous Bughouse will be released 03/05/13.

Youth Lagoon’s Wondrous Bughouse will be released 03/05/13.

Trevor Powers, aka Youth Lagoon, is releasing his sophomore album Wondrous Bughouse via Fat Possom Records on March 5th. “Dropla” is the first single and it’s an airy tune destined to be in the closing credits of an upcoming Girls episode. During the recording of Wondrous Bughouse Powers was “becoming more fascinated with the human psyche and where the spiritual meets the physical world” ¹  and this becomes apparent as he repeats “You’ll Never Die, You’ll Never Die, You’ll Never Die…” during the songs first crescendo. You can pre-order Wondrous Bughouse here.

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¹ Via Indie Music Filter:
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New Animal Collective Video “Applesauce” = Total Piece of Shit

The Cheat is Grounded

The Cheat is Grounded

Animal Collective’s new video for “Applesauce” is the most pretentious piece of shit they’ve released to date, and that’s saying a lot. In its entirety “Applesauce” features model Lindsey Wixson eating a goddamn mango in a continuous tightly cropped shot as The Cheat throws light-switch raves in the background. That’s it. Pretty girl eats a juicy mango as day glow light reflects off her stupid 18 year old chin. And to take the absurd into the surreal this piece of crap is supposed to be “watched in the dark”, because ya’ know, that’s how you’re supposed to watch fruit porn. Oh yeah, this is apparently a “collaboration” between Animal Collective and filmmaker Gaspar Noé, and is loosely based on another piece of shit short film from 1968. Good God, this sorta made me hate them.

Animal Collective will be playing at the House of Blues Boston on 03/07/13 with Dan Deacon in support of their new album Centipede Hz.

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New Music: Dog Bite – Prettiest Pills

Carpark Records's Dogbite.

Dogbite (aka – Phil Jones) checks on his Fantasy Football Team at SXSW last year.

Dog Bite’s latest single, “Prettiest Pills”, is layered with reverb drenched vocals, crunched guitars, smoked out synths, and is a total jam. Dog Bite will be at the Paradise Rock Club with fellow Carpark Records label-mate Toro Y Moi on 02/15/13. You can stream Dog Bite’s debut album, Velvet Changes, over at Consequence of Sound, which will officially be released on 02/05/13.

Recommended If You Like: Washed Out, Toro Y Moi, Tame Impala, Psych Pop

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New Music: Color Channel – Way Back

Allston's Color Channel make me want to dance.

Allston’s Color Channel make me want to dance.

Allston, MA’s own Color Channel will be releasing their EP in March, and if “Way Back” is any indication, it’s sure to be high energy, fun, and very danceable. Color Channel’s take on Dance Rock isn’t necessarily new, but it’s done well, and impressively captures the rawness of a live show with four to the floor drums and soaring guitar leads. There’s still some potential polish that could further elevate their sound, but the direction they’re pointed in is correct. Color Channel play the Middle East Upstairs on May 5, but hopefully will be out around Boston well before then.

Recommended If You Like: The Rapture, VHS or Beta, Hercules and Love Affair, Dance Rock

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Freakin’ Weekend: Ducktails – Under Cover




As part of a new tradition I’ll be picking the “official” Song of the Weekend via a series called “Freakin’ Weekend”. This week’s track is the best song off of Ducktails incredible new album, The Flower Lane, which virtually has been plastered to my record player’s deck for what’s going on a week. Obviously it’s far too early, but this is the best song of 2013.

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New Music: Bonobo – Cirrus

Bonobo, the British Producer/DJ, released the above video for his new song “Cirrus” yesterday* and I’m likely responsible for at least 37 of the 83,514 views it already has on YouTube. The track trickles on a downtempo path creating an organized cacophony of ancient sounding bells and gongs, which slowly build to a pleasing apex that any new age shaolin monk would embrace. The visuals are a psychedelic treat and a rotoscope artists wet-dream. Like the song, the video starts simple enough, however, it quickly descends into a tripped out traipse through white 1950’s suburbia, and coupled together with the excellent composition of “Cirrus”, it’s as if you’re watching Mad Men on acid.

Bonobo will be playing the Paradise Rock Club with Nickodemus on 04/13/13.

Recommended If You Like: Clark, Downtempo, Ninja Tune, Warp Records

*Thanks to @Apheks73 & Dusty Flippers for the heads-up.
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New Music: Mudhoney – The Only Son of the Widow Nain

Mudhoney - The Only Son of the Widow Nain

Remember Rock and Roll, listen to Mudhoney.

“Mudhoney. All day long.” -Me

I posted the above to my Facebook Wall last week and proceeded to go on an eight hour binge with Mudhoney’s 1990 compilation Superfuzz Bigmuff Plus Early Singles. Needless to say, it was a great eight hours. Mudhoney turn 25 in 2013 and they’ve weaved in and out of my headphones for many of those blurry years. When I discovered they were releasing their first album album since 2008 I was overjoyed.

The first single, “The Only Son of the Widow Nain”, can be heard and downloaded below. It chugs along in typical Mudhoney fashion with Mark Arms voice as urgent and sleazy as ever, screaming “I’m coming Back, I’m Coming Back, I’m Coming Back – For More!” just moments into the song, and thank God for that. Mudhoney. All day long. Vanishing Point comes out this April via Sub Pop.

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Recommended Album: Wet Illustrated – 1x1x1

Wet Illustrated

Wet Illustrated will help lift those Winter Blues.

As the Northeast descends into a January freeze it’s nice to remember there’s still warmth out there. Wet Illustrated provide the glow of a sonic space heater with their superb album, 1x1x1*, which will turn your apartment from cold to gold in less than a tracks time. 13 songs spiral you into a cocoon of guitar volley and intertanglement leaving you twisted with Bay Area longing via bright tones.

You can buy 1x1x1 on cassette from the highly esteemed Selection Records, or on LP from True Panther. You can also listen to the entire album through Wet Illustrated’s Bandcamp Page here.

*pronounced one by one by one

Recommended If You Like: Guided By Voices, Real Estate, Soft Boys, Indie Jangle, Garage Pop

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