Month: March 2013

Freakin’ Weekend: Are You Hip To Easter Island? – Parliament – Mothership Connection


P-Funk are here to help you party on the Mothership. Swing low, and move on.



Last weekend at the New England Record Show I was digging through a vendor’s Funk/Soul section and immediately pulled Parliament’s seminal record Mothership Connection. As I continued to flip through the records I had numerous vinyl heads ask if I was purchasing it. When replying “Yes” they sighed with respectful regret and let me know how good of a record it was, and my reply each time was “I know.”

It can’t be understated how influential George Clinton and P-Funk are, and as I continue to connect the dots with their complex and rewarding discography certain things become clear. For example, early 90’s West Coast Rap would sound a hell of a lot different without P-Funk. You can easily see a young Dr. Dre in the early 70’s grooving with over-sized headphones to a copy of his Mom’s Mothership Connection. The title track is the DNA of his seminal album, The Chronic, which helped propel the Rap Game to the next level and expose a whole new generation and class to President Clinton and his band of fearless freaks. So on this Easter Freakin’ Weekend celebrate the forever contemporary sound of one of the greatest bands to ever get weird and reclaim those pyramids.

Recommended If You Like: Funk, Soul, Star Child, Maggots, George Clinton

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New Music: Jack Dutone & MF Rex: When The Last time (Ultra-Swag Remix)

Automatic Reaction

Automatic Reaction: helping people dance through uber creative mixes since 2005.

Automatic Reaction is a DJ posse from NYC comprised of MF Rex, Norman Bassey, Salvador G, and Jack Dutone. Rex and Dutone have released their latest remix, “When The Last Time”, and it’s an ultra creative mashup of style and sound. What makes this Crew stand out is their fearless ability to combine completely different styles of music into something wholly new and unique. For instance, in “When Was Last Time” you’ll hear an Italian composer (Gian Piero Reverberi), Rockabily (Link Wray), Punk Rock (Ramones), and some Hip Hop (Clipse). It’s a unique skill set to combine four such polarizing genres into a single track, and the Automatic Reaction crew have become masters at it.

MF Rex will be spinning at The Good Life on April 26th, a night that’s sure to be a blast.

Recommended If You Like: The Hood Internet, Girl Talk, Shakin’ Your Booty

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Recommended Album: Xander Harris – The New Dark Age Of Love

Xander Harris

Xander Harris catching some sine waves.

Austin based Xander Harris approaches synth wave with a nostalgic nod. His songs sound as if they were written in Germany in the late 70’s or on a distant planet in a future century. The New Dark Age Of Love is his sophomore effort and is best listened to after the party or while writing some code. It’s not a banger of an album, and that’s a compliment, as his sound isn’t cheapened with gimmicks or “drops”, it’s just good ol’ fashioned electronic music.

You can purchase The New Dark Age Of Love via Not Not Fun Records on April 2nd, and stream the album below.

Recommended If You Like: “808” Kraftwerk, Holy Other, Floating Points, Dark Synth

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Watching the Détectives – Review of Détective at Middle East


Détective claim their space on the Middle East stage. (.GIF – D.Hixon)

Middle East, Central Square, 03/26/13

Last night Détective brought their sophisticated brand of Garage Pop to the Middle East and literally lapped their “peers”. I mean no disrespect here, as I usually shy away from the negative, but the big disappointment on the evening were the bands that bookended Détective’s set (excluding Cars & Trains). This said, it worked to Détective’s advantage, as it made their song craftsmanship and cohesion stand-out further than it naturally does.

Based out of LA, Détective represent a trio of accomplished musicians who play the music they want to hear. James Greer’s (Guided By Voices, Roi) excellent guitar work helped lead the charge while Guylaine Vivarat’s (Useless Keys) angelic voice and bass added an excellent balance to his motivated thrash. The two traded vocal duties throughout the night with sound cohesion as Chris Dunn (the city) provided a passionate and succinct back-beat.

Détective are currently working on a Double LP, Hilarious Heaven, with Dead Meadow’s Steve Kille and are currently touring the US. Below’s a preview track from Hilarious Heaven (“Creative Class Dismissed”) – and if you’re in Reading, Pittsburg, or Dayton over the next few days do your self a favor and watch the Détective’s yourself.

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Recommended Album: American Thread – Killing Days

American Thread

American Thread are doing Boston proud.

American Thread are a three (sometimes four) piece Americana Band from Boston who’ve just released their debut album Killing Days on Bandcamp with a “Name Your Price” model. It’s a bold first effort that hides behind zero studio trickery and wears a heart on the sleeve. There’s a dirty nail quality that harkens Whiskeytown with a solid dash of Port O’Brien thus fitting well within the tradition of Americana. Songs such as the below “Fisherman’s Lullabye” are hyper local in nature (Gloucester), and while a lot of the material on Killing Days has been visited in the recent past, American Thread present it with a timeless ease that make the songs on Killing Days endearing, beautiful, sad bastard music.

Recommended If You Like: Son Volt, Whiskeytown, Port O’Brien, Bourbon

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Freakin’ Weekend: The Kinks – Where Have All The Good Times Gone – New England Record Show in Somerville



I just got back from the from the New England Record Show in Somerville and it was, per always with these events, Heaven on Earth. I walked out with fourteen 7″ 45’s and fifteen LP’s all for about $100 US dollars. The $20 entry fee was too steep, but to be in a room with that variety of knowledge and music makes the price arbitrary. I talked with oldtimers about rare Kinks albums, waxed poetic about Silkworm, and scored some Funkadelic and Parliment records I’ve been chasing for awhile. I got a great UK release of Lola, which I’m listening to as I type, and “Where Have All The Good Times Gone” is SUCH an underrated song by them, so damn good. Gob Bless Records. God Bless Vinyl Heads. God Bless The Freakin’ Weekend.

New England Record Store

The Faithful converge on a Sunday morning @ the New England Record Show.

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Video: Crate Diggers – J Dilla’s Vinyl Collection

J Dilla

J Dilla. A First Ballot Hall of Famer. Ty Cobb shit.

J Dilla weighs heavy on the Hero Scale for me. His passion for Music and Love for the obscure supplanted him from Sage to Messiah for like-minded Apostles such as myself. His dedication and taste are on full display in the below Documentary, which bleeds heart from start to finish. It got dusty in the Dojo during the last 5 minutes….It’s just so f^cking sad this genius of a Man left our World so early – his vision will build a statue one day, and I’d like to be the Mason. Detroit =’s MoTown and Dilla. Period. Rest In Peace.

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