Month: August 2013

New Music – GRMLN – Scum

GRMLN earlier in the year at Bowery Ballroom in NYC. (Photo - E.Cheng)

GRMLN earlier in the year at Bowery Ballroom in NYC. (Photo – E.Cheng)

Yesterday GRMLN released “Scum”, a fuzzed-out hangover of a jam that harkens late night bon fires and sloppy surfing. The demo’s engulfed in a familiar stoner haze, and while the song’s raw, the structure solidifies my opinion that Yoodoo Park really knows how to construct a song. Hearing a GRMLN track this raw and blown-out is exciting – as I’m accustomed to a certain Cali polish to his songs, and I’m hoping this track in particular doesn’t get cleaned up, after all, the song’s entitled “Scum”.

Recommended If You Like: King Tuff, Jacuzzi Boys, Wavves, Tijuana Panthers

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New Music: Veronica Falls – Broken Toy

Veronica Falls

Veronica Falls

Slumberland Records has a high batting average as of late, with seemingly every release being a scorching liner up the middle. Veronica Fall’s latest single, “Broken Toy”, keeps the hitting streak alive with catchy as all hell jangle pop. “Broken Toy” is a sunny sad song that laments the beginning of the end with gorgeous harmonies and a perfected bounce.

The 7″ for “Broken Toy” will be out October 14th via Bella Union and October 22nd via Slumberland.

If You Don’t Care, You’ll Never Care
If You Don’t Care Now, You’ll Never Know How

Recommended If You Like: Fat Creeps, Velocity Girl, Sad Jangle, Ski Lodge

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New Music: Lost Midas – Love Undone (feat. Taylor O’Donnell)

Lost Midas

Lost Midas is a name you should get to know.

Lost Midas makes future music. Listening to his tracks feels like you’re sitting at a pristinely kept lounge waiting to board an intergalactic flight. His roots lie in Boston, however, now transplanted in Los Angeles he’s making quite the name on both Coasts as well as in the UK. Recently signed to seminal electronic label Tru Thoughts, Lost Midas is seeing his work played on BBC6 as well as on KCRW. It’s now only a matter of time until his music’s more broadly heard and the future becomes now.

Memory Flux, the debut EP from Lost Midas, drops on September 3rd and can be pre-ordered via iTunes.

Recommended If You Like: Flying Lotus, Bibio, Beat Scene Space Lounge, Bonobo

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Episode 58 – Par (Tyler Made)



Episode 58 - Par (Artwork - T.Made / D.Hixon)

Episode 58 – Par (Artwork – T.Made / D.Hixon)

Tyler Made’s back with another killer episode for Visions of the Unexcused – this time playing some of his recent Hip Hop favorites. If you’re in Singapore you can see Tyler DJ on the regular. If you’re on the internet you can listen to this excellent mix,  along with some others,  any time you want. All wise options.

  1. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Bombom (The Heist – 2012)
  2. A$AP Rocky – Wassup [Instrumental] (Live. Love. ASAP – 2011)
  3. Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools [Remix] (Good Kid, M.A.A.D City – 2012)
  4. Schoolboy Q – There He Go (Habits & Contradictions – 2012)
  5. X.O. – Orange Soda (Check Please, Vol. 3 – 2012)
  6. Danny Brown – Grown Up (Grown Up – 2012)
  7. Joey Bada$$ – Waves (1999 [mixtape] – 2012)
  8. Action Bronson – Shiraz (Dr. Lecter – 2011)
  9. Gary Clark Jr – The Life (Blak and Blu – 2012)
  10. Ab-Soul – A Rebellion (Control System – 2012)
  11. Issue – 32 Bars (The Best Of ISSUE – 2012)
  12. Big K.R.I.T – REM (King Remembered In Time – 2013)
  13. Chance the Rapper – Good Ass Intro (Acid Rap – 2013)
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New Music: kandodo – july 28th (edit)


If you’re willing, kandodo can take you on quite the journey.

Jump on a kayak and leisurely paddle towards a sunset. Get in a hammock and sway with the breeze. Put on kandodo and get lost in a dream. kandodo is Simon Price, most known for his work with UK psychedelic rock band The Heads; And as kandodo Price takes psych to a droney zen state that’s a spiritual trip past rolling cabanas and boarded up shacks.

k20, kandodo’s latest album, is available via Thrill Jockey Records.

Recommended If You Like: Hiiragi Fukuda, Blues Control, Psychedelic Zen

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Episode 57 – Vinyl Daze

Episode 57 – Vinyl Daze (Artwork – D. Hixon)

Episode 57 – Vinyl Daze (Artwork – D. Hixon)

Earlier this year I decided to digitize my 45 records. It was a labor of love I embraced as well as  preparation for DJ-ing my collection out. On many a night I’d hover over my record player with album art in hand, a drink near by, and a best friend even closer as we vanished together into sound. My cat Yaz loved music, and I couldn’t listen to it without him nearby. He was my Assistant Music Director and constant companion throughout the arduous task of digitizing, categorizing, and cataloging the records heard on Vinyl Daze.

A couple months ago Yaz unexpectedly passed away and he’s been heavily missed since, therefore, this Podcast is dedicated to Yaz, vinyl, the eternal quest for more music, and life with surface noise. To Episode 57, Vinyl Daze.

1. Juan Wauters – Sanity (Side A – Sanity 7″ – 2013)
2. Mood Rings – 333 (Side B – Pathos Y Lagrimas 7″ – 2013)
3. Ariel Pink & Jorge Elbrecht – Hang On To Life (Side A – Hang On To Life 7″ – 2013)
4. Games – Heartland (Side B – Everything Is Working 7″ – 2010)
5. Dirty Beaches – Sweet 17 (Side B – True Blue 7″ – 2010)
6. Jacuzzi Boys – Strange Hand (Side A – Desert Mile / A Strange Hand 7″ – 2008)
7. Kids On A Crime Spree – Creep The Creeps (Side A – Creep The Creep 7″ – 2013)
8. Nodzzz – I Don’t Wanna [Smoke Marijuana] (Side A – I Don’t Wanna [Smoke Marijuana] 7″ – 2007)
9. Kurt Vile – Take Your Time (Side B2 – He’s Alright 7″ – 2009)
10. Beck – Vampire Voltage No. 6 (Side B – Chemtrails 7″ – 2008)
11. Wounded Lion – Walrus (Side A – Singles Going Home Alone 4 – 7″ – 2012)
12. Jay Reatard – Painted Shut (Side A – Painted Shut 7″ – 2008)
13. Wet Illustrated – Born Stoked (Side A – Born Stoked – 2010)
14. Automatic Children – Johnny (Side A – Johnny 7″ – 2012)
15. Yuck – The Base Of A Dream Is Empty (Side B – Georgia 7″ – 2010)
16. Cian Nugent & The Cosmos – Hire Purchase [Part I] (Side A – Singles Going Home Alone 3 – 7″ – 2013)

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New Music: Terry Malts – I Was Not There

Terry Malts

Some bands have their heads in the clouds…that’s not so for Terry Malts.

Terry Malts approach their music with a DIY punk ethos that allow their sound to develop uniquely without the influences of others. Their highly anticipated sophomore LP, Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere, was recorded entirely in their San Francisco practice space, and if “I Was Not There” is any indication, it’s going to be one hell of an album.

Their brand of chugging pop punk stands out like a raised fist in a swaying crowd, while Phil Benson’s vocals reveal he’s a not so distant cousin to the crooning style Danzig made famous with the Misfits (no, seriously). Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere will be out on the 10th of September, you can pre-order the LP via Slumberland Records, and see them live at Great Scott on 09/18/13.

Recommended If You Like: Modern Misfits, Far Corners, Red Dons, Punk Pop

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Recommended Album: Badlands – So Little

Badlands Adrian Chi Tenney

Badlands, aka Adrian Chi Tenney, debut is as sincere as it gets.

Badlands is the solo project of Adrian Chi Tenney (Pangea, God Equals Genocide). The album feels as personal as a tattered journal, and it’s lo-fi production helps solidify this perception. Tenney impressively plays every instrument on the album, however, the greatest “trick” she pulls off are the gorgeous harmonies she melds together with herself. If Bon Iver actually had some balls, listened to a lot of Robert Pollard, and went to the desert instead of Wisconsin it might sound something like So Little, but certainly not as good.

You can purchase the limited cassette of So Little (100) via Ghostbot Records.

Recommended If You Like: Acoustic Female Bob Pollard, Desert Punk, The Sweets

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