Month: November 2014

New Music: Duck & Cover

Duck & Cover

Duck & Cover go after it on their debut record.

Charlestown’s Duck & Cover are molded from an impressive collection of current and ex-Boston punk bands, including Acro-brats, Coffin Lids, Black Cheers, & Bang Camaro among others. Their debut self-titled record is a grinding attack that cruises between melodic metal shifts and strait forward power punk. “Dead Giveaway” and “Gather Your Strength” encapsulate Duck & Cover at their best, flexing seasoned strengths that respect each others bounds while driving forward together in a cohesive manner. If you’re a record nerd such as I, it’s an absolutely beautiful record, with Coke bottle green wax and some killer art work from Tim O’Hanlon.

Recommended If You Like: Face to Face, Descendents, La Peste, Punk Rock

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New Music: Total Navajo – Eyelids EP

Total Navajo

Total Navajo impress on their debut EP.

Total Navajo are a two piece from Los Angeles who flex quite a bit of diversity on their debut EP, Eylids. For two musicians they’re able to paint a complicated picture rather quickly, and this is most evident on their title track, which begins with a walking banjo that ascends with the help of drummer and guitarist Mitchell Rowland’s vocals, which leave just a hint of Elliot Smith’s fingerprints. However, songs such as “Voice of Eyes” and “Hand Jive” show their roots lie within traditional rock parameters, and it’s this diversity that’s made their debut EP such a grower with me.

If in the LA area you can catch Total Navajo at Lexington Bar (downtown) on December 3rd.

Recommended If You Like: Detroit Rebellion, Early Foo, Late 90’s Alt

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New Video: Mean Creek – “Anxiety Girl”

Mean Creek

Mean Creek’s new video for “Anxiety Girl” is as good as the song, which is saying a lot.

Mean Creek are one of the more exciting bands in Boston, and have garnered a good amount of National buzz over the past year on the heels of their latest album, Local Losers. Their music could easily have fit into the catalogues of Sub Pop, Matador, or Touch and Go in the 90’s – but don’t be mistaken, these kids are no nostalgia act, and interject their songs & videos a with poignant passion, creativity, and abandon that’s uniquely their own, and why the spark created by these local losers, is creating a blaze that’s visible far beyond the Hub.

Recommended If You Like: Yuck, Dinosaur Jr, Condofucks

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