Month: January 2016

New Video: Winter – Pretender

Winter will keep you warm. (Photo - Carl Pocket)

Winter will keep you warm. (Photo – Carl Pocket)

Winter, a band conceived in Boston & stationed out of Los Angeles, recently released a video for “Pretender” – the chill dream vibes of the indie quartet are encapsulated beautifully by lead guitarist Matt Hogan’s direction, as you get a backseat view of what it’d be like to chum around on tour with Winter.

Recommended If You Like: Beach Fossils, Summer Twins,  Ducktails

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Recommended Album: Thee Arcadians – We Have Come For Your Parents

Thee Arcadians

Thee Arcadians

Thee Arcadians hail from Western Massachusetts, the land of dragons, and their music is as unrelenting & fierce as the tamed lizards they ride upon. These cats are young by human years, but their music is as old as the soul, and it’s this battle of complimentary conflictions that make their music fresh as hell and old as stone. This is Sorry Ma’ era Replacements freaked on Berkshire weed. This is Rock and Roll. This is really, really good. This is Thee Arcadians. This is what I want to hear more of.

Recommended If You Like: Ty Segall, Sebadoh, Mudhoney, Berkshire Weed

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Visions Premiere: The Ghost of Electricity “The Ritual”

The Ghost of Electricity's Bonez EP drops 2/16.

The Ghost of Electricity’s Bones EP drops 2/3/16 via Spark & Fizz.

The music of The Ghost of Electricity – a recording project featuring Ray McNamara; is unabashedly adventurous & unique. His upcoming EP, Bones, will be released on 2/3/16  by Spark & Fizz Records – and it’s a sonic sculpture whose psychedelic shape morphs with repetitive listens, forming a topography that makes for constant (and rewarding) change. There’s a meditative quality to the EP that is restrained in presentation but complex in composition – Zen Chaos. “The Ritual” is the opening track off Bones and shimmers you into the jangled depths this  EP contains.

Recommended If You Like: Bibio, Dirty Projectors, Buffalo Daughter

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Recommended Album: Sex Dream – Gods​/​Tundra

Sex Dream will wooze you through this Winter.

Sex Dream will wooze you through the Winter.

What’s so enticing about Sex Dream, a solo project by Benjamin Jameson, is his steady & monotonous baritone, which is reminiscent of Mark Sandman’s legendary vocal tone with Morphine. The production’s not as complex, with a VHS nostalgic hue and easiness that make for a perfect compliment to such a strong and confident voice. Jameson describes the music as “simple/whatever” on the his Facebook page, and while simple may be apt, it’s certainly far from whatever.

Recommended If You Like: Morphine, The National, Twin Shadow

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Episode 86 – Easy On Yourself

Episode 86 - Easy On Yourself

Episode 86 – Easy On Yourself (Artwork – D.Hixon)

The energy within me is circling in a swift & positive direction. I expect many good things in 2016, and episode 86 is an auditory springboard into that optimistic ether. I spun the mix live late last weekend in my West Medford Mojo. I traverse on many styles while providing thoughtful transitions that’ll sprain your tape deck as you hopefully nod in enthusiastic accordance.

1. Cookies – The Dream (Music For Touching – 2014)
2. Boards of Canada – Nothing Is Real (Tomorrow’s Harvest – 2013)
3. Panda Bear – Principe Real (Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper – 2015)
4. Indoor Voices – Still (Indoor Voices – 2012)
5. Dog Bite – Wonder Dark (Tranquilizers – 2014)
6. Tomorrows Tulips – When (When – 2014)
7. Ty Segall – Swag (Swag – 2009)
8. The Sweets – Sister (The Sweets – 2014)
9. Woolen Men – Temporary Monument (Temporary Monument – 2015)
10. The Sound Barrier – Groovin’ Slow (She Always Comes Back To Me – 1968)
11. Pugh Rogefeldt – Love, Love, Love (Ja, Dä Ä Dä! – 1969)
12. Tony Allen Plays With Afrika 70 – Afro Disco Beat (Progress – 1977)
13. Floating Points – J&W Beat (J&W Beat 12″ – 2009)
14. Flying Lotus – MmmHmm ft.Thundercat (Cosmogramma – 2010)
15. Panda Bear – Tropic Of Cancer (Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper – 2015)
16. McKay – This Road (Into You – 1978)
16. Beck – Mattress (One Foot In The Grave – 1994)
17. Kurt Vile – Life Like This (b’lieve i’m goin down – 2015)
18. Ranking Slackness – Bath Room Sex (Slackest LP – 1979)
19. Yellowman Versus Josey Wales – Society Party (Two Giants Clash – 1984)
20. Winston Edwards & Blackbeard – Behind Closed Doors Of The House Of Commons (At 10 Downing Street – Dub Conference – 1980)
21. Starshine – All I Need Is You (All I Need Is You – 1983)
22. DâM-FunK – When I’m With U I Think Of Her (Adolescent Funk – 2010)
23. Gregory James Edition – Make It Easy On Yourself (Prophets Of Soul – 1973)
24. Ornette Coleman – C.O.D. (Ornette At 12 – 1969)
25. Weldon Irvine – Here’s Where I Came In (Sinbad – 1979)

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Recommended Song: brmfthsstm* – honest


brmfthsstm* — pronouced ‘Broom Of The System’.

It may be easy for brmfthsstm* to be alone, but it’s even easier to ease back and let the rays of “honest” layer you in a golden tan – leaving you deeper in tone & tenor than when you first laid out to bathe. It’s gentle, thoughtful, and light as a two inch New England dusting – while also warm as the orange window you watch flakes flutter and fall from – that duality is what makes “honest” better than great, and brmfthsstm* someone to pay attention to.

Recommended If You Like: Sore Eros, Sex Dream, Tomorrows Tulips

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Veracious Teenage Stupidity – Visions of David Bowie: 1995

IMAG3361Good lord. I’m currently heeding David Bowie’s advice on the back of the Ziggy Stardust LP….well – mostly adhering – I’m only 85% of the way towards maximum volume – but still, I’m CRANKING “Moonage Daydream” and it’s shaking the walls, making me nervous, and causing my blood to pump with veracious teenage stupidity.

Today the man who changed the world left it. Behind him is a vacuum of sorrow sucking many into a reflective remembrance. It was a sad day, but I’m making it a good night as I honor him with wine, music, & dance by-myself moves.

I moved to a very small town in Central New York my sophomore year in High School and it felt like my World had been lost. It was a tough age & time to move, I missed my friends – and I missed being exposed to new music. I went from a circle of kids debating the merits of Morrissey to a nowhere village with no MTV (big deal in 1995) – and only country, classic rock, & pop music on the radio.

In this desperate state I clung to what my friends back home were listening to – Zines I could find – and known material I hadn’t yet embraced – through mining at weird barnyard country “record stores” & yard sales, or….believe it or not, Columbia House (penny taped firmly and all). I was aware of David Bowie my whole life – but I became conscious of him when I was 16, going past the radio tracks and into his brilliant albums & b-sides. This was the most impressionable period of my adolescent and musical life – & he sowed the seeds that made my ears what they are today.

I was sold on the rock and roll daydream, and at an impressionable, and needed time – he made teenage me look far and large. Bowie’s a big deal for me, Bowie’s a big deal for most – and his passing, and HOW he passed is just as big as the life he led – what a hero – what an artist – what a man. Good Lord, gotta flip the record and heed more advice.

“Don’t fake it baby, lay the real thing on me
The church of man, love, is such a holy place to be”

Maximum Volume.

Maximum Volume, almost.

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Recommended Song: Jackson Frolic – Too Light

Jackson Frolic in Middle School.

Jackson Frolic in Middle School.

Close your eyes. Place headphones over ears – let Johhny Marr-like guitar blend with vocals Alec Ounsworth would say yeah to as you drift from emo to epic in an ambitious five minute and seventeen seconds. I like this song, a lot. Jackson Frolic are from Boston, and this Thursday they’ll call O’Brien’s Pub in Allston home. That’d be a good night to close your eyes in person, headphones not required.

Recommended If You Like: Modest Mouse, Clap Your Hands, Frightened Rabbit

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