Al Pacino Yelling at People: HBO’s Phil Spector Trailer

Insert Crypt Keeper joke here.

Insert Crypt Keeper joke here.

Phil Spector is a creep, no way around it. Phil Spector is one of the greatest Producers to have ever lived. No way around it. In a span from 1960-1965 Spector produced 25 Top 40 hits ¹, popularized the girl group, and created his famous “wall of sound”. He also was a gun waving tyrant who eventually let his crazy push himself over the edge. It’s this Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde dichotomy that makes him so interesting, polarizing, and well…creepy.

HBO has released a trailer based on the Murder trial of Lana Clarkson, a beautiful B-Movie starlet who died in Spector’s mansion via gunshot a decade ago. Al Pacino plays the part of a heavily wigged Phil Spector, and it looks like he embraced the role. Anytime I can see Pacino yell in a movie (See: Every movie Pacino’s ever been in) I’m usually in, and this is no exception. Hearing him rasp such poignant lines as, “First time you got felt up, guess what? You were listening to one of my songs.” Is pure Creep Poetry.

The majority of the movie appears to focus on the murder trial which makes sense, the nerd in me wishes there was a little more music in it though. Such is the duality of being great at one thing while also being a murderer, in the end the murder will overtake your legacy, just ask Ray Lewis. Phil Spector premieres on 03/24/13 on HBO.

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