Biffy Visits Cambridge – Review of Biffy Clyro at TT the Bears

Biffy Clyro
TT the Bears, Central Square, 02/13/11

My knowledge of Biffy Clyro was scarce prior to seeing them at TT the Bears, but my friend Kevin was good enough to get me into the show. He discovered Biffy at the T in the Park festival in Kinross, Scotland. He was there traveling by himself due to a “bet gone crazy” with some Scots whom he met while playing video games online. Most likely they were shooting each other with virtual bullets. Anyways, there he was, in the middle of a European field, alone except for the beer in his hand, and surrounded…by the Scottish. His bet, however random it may have been, ended up being very well played – for as he stood knee deep in the mud, wearing a proud new pair of black rubber wellies, he had a smile on his face created by the band playing on stage. This, is how Kevin was introduced to Biffy Clyro, and thus was my Genesis story for their origins to him – told as we stood outside on Brookline Street, waiting to get into the show.

Biffy Clyro. TT the Bears. Cambridge USA. (Photo - D. Hixon)

Biffy Clyro. TT the Bears. Cambridge USA. (Photo – D. Hixon)

The night seemed filled with fun, and as I walked in I was flanked by a NASA employee & two Brazilians. Upon getting inside I tipped the bartender early and often, and once settled in, I locked into my surroundings and developed a smile of my own. I hadn’t been to TT’s for an embarrassingly long time – and while certain nooks of the oddly shaped bar seemed off to me, it really was all the same. The recognition felt like seeing a friend from a wistful past suddenly stroll into view. After getting over the shock of seeing each other’s swollen faces and fat bellies, you recognize that the friend you knew is still there.

Anyways, TTs felt like it always had for me, and it was a re-assuring feeling – for it reaffirmed that Boston still breathes due in part to the scene going on here over in Cambridge. The show itself was a good time, well -aside from the NYC inspired Emo-Core opening act. Biffy Clyro on the other hand, obviously has a loyal following, and it’s admirable to see how they’re bravely tackling America for the very first time. Venue’s such as TT’s must be much smaller than Biffy Clyro is used to, but they didn’t show any arrogance of this on Sunday – and the crowd reacted to their persistent fervor on stage.

While their music may not be my every day choice, I have to admit, their live show was fun as hell, and if they don’t “make it” here in the States (whatever that means in this post-Arcade Fire Grammy World) – it won’t be due to fault of their own. For when seeing a band, no matter the day of the week, effort is all you can ask. And for this rock ‘n’ roll vagabond, I sincerely wish the boys from Biffy well, they obviously have both the effort and respect.

D. Hixon

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