New Album: Bombay Show Pig – Vulture/Provider

Bombay Show Pig

Linda van Leeuwen and Mathias Janmaat of Bombay Show Pig (Photo – IAMKAT)

Bombay Show Pig are a Dutch two-piece who play a charming brand of Indie Pop. The most notable boy/girl duo not named The White Stripes in the US would be Sleigh Bells, who’ve garnered quite a name for themselves over the past couple years. While Sleigh Bells rely on their Pep Rally Mash-Up schtick, Bombay Show Pig trim any gimmick, focusing instead on a polished and cohesive sound that’s sweet enough to leave you with a cavity. They’ll be playing in the States for the first time on 03/11/13 at Pianos in NYC (with Foxes) followed by a couple shows at SXSW. You can purchase their debut album, Vulture/Provider, over at their site.

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