Brick Mower: New Jersey Living Room Punk

Brick Mower

Call it punk, call it rock, call it power punk rock, it doesn’t matter. Brick Mower are fun.

Lucky for me Weirdo Records, one of the finest shops in Boston, sits conveniently at the end of my street. Both Cheapo and Weirdo are my “home turf” when digging for new vinyl, and one of my traditions at both locales is to buy a 7″ from a band I’ve never heard of before. On a trip to Weirdo last year I bought a 7″ because the B-Side was a cover of Guided By Voices “Exit Flagger”. Moral of the Story? If you’re covering GBV you’re going to get my attention, and with their “Box Turtle” 7″ Brick Mower did just that (Which can be downloaded for free here).

I’m currently in the process of digitizing my entire 7″ Collection and when recording the Brick Mower single I decided to dig deeper into their catalog and continued to like what I was hearing. Their self-proclaimed genre is NJ Living Room Punk, and that description’s spot on. Brick Mower are currently on a Southern Tour and you can find more of their brand of Suburban Punk here.

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