California Comes to Boston – Review of Best Coast / Wavves at Paradise Rock Club

Best Coast / Wavves
Paradise Rock Club, Comm. Ave. Boston, 02/04/11

The Brave citizens of Boston have been held captive for what’s going on three months now. Old Man Winter has us firmly encircled in his grasp. People trudge through the icy grey prison our city has become with downtrodden eyes, and faces full of defeat. Something happened this past Friday though, and those lucky enough to be at the Paradise Rock Club were showered with something orange, bright, and vaguely familiar. Having just scurried through the rat maze of the city streets – where the snow banks are higher than Chevy’s, and ice is at every turn – we were made to remember what it felt like to have the warmth of sunshine touch your face.

Wavves Stealing the Show. (Photo - D. Hixon)

Wavves Stealing the Show. (Photo – D. Hixon)

Wavves were the opening act for this duel billing, and from my vantage point, they were the ones who stole the show, and should have been closing the night instead of Best Coast. They played fast. They played loud (and I mean like, really loud). And went after each song with an abandon. Their apex for me was when they played “I’m So Bored” – which seemed to get the most reaction from the crowd. I was lucky enough to watch most of the show from the sound board (Thank you Kielty), and they just put on a real good earnest show.

Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast. (Photo - D. Hixon)

Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast. (Photo – D. Hixon)

Next up were Best Coast, who play some of the nicest California Pop I’ve heard in quite awhile. Bethany Cosentino’s voice has a sweet grabbing quality – and she makes for the perfect front women. Their songs had a beautiful bounce to them, but again, my only complaint was that they seemed a little too soft when placed in immediate contrast to the brash and heavy stoner flailings of Wavves. Their near perfect love song, “Our Deal”, completely stole the show for them, swaying the crowd like a hammock with her lullaby melody, and looking back on the show, it really was her singing that made you forget about the foot long icicles and dump trucks full of snow just a few feet outside the Paradise doors. When the lights went up,  we left in line, the heat rising from our heads and faces flush – with the fresh glow of a California tan.

D. Hixon

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