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Episode 89 – Election Year 2016 Mix (Gold Must Die)

Episode 89 – Election Year 2016 Mix (Gold Must Die)

Episode 89 – Election Year 2016 Mix (Gold Must Die)

This election season & violent Summer has seen the shadows of ugly shine a dark light on how slow progress is – and as the mirror reflects back with a face of de-evolution – we sit cow faced while hate steals the headlines & votes.

I couldn’t ask for anyone better than Gold Must Die to do a guest podcast to capture the anxiety, fear, and sorrow that dances off of satellites as we flick and like our privacy & dignity away. Hope still lives though, and Gold Must Die helps expose the shadow back into light.

More sounds from Gold Must Die on Soundcloud

1. The Gentle People – Journey (Aphex Twin Care Mix) Excerpt
2. Cage The Elephant – It’s Always Something
3. Son Lux – You Don’t Know Me
4. Vince Staples – Birds and Bees
5. Sufjan Stevens – Impossible Soul (Stupid Man Excerpt)
6. Fifty Grand – Oh Well
7. Glass Animals – Wyrd
8. Clouddead – Dead Dogs Two (Boards Of Canada Mix)
9. Modeselktor feat Thom Yorke – Shipwreck
10. Radiohead – 33.3 Recurring (GMD Industrial Complex Mix)
11. Gil-Scott Heron – Work For Peace
12. Meat Beat Manifesto – STS 2006 (High Priest Anti Pop Consortium Mix)
13. Beck – Wow
14. M.I.A. Warriors
15. Lesser of Two Evils / Kids Show Interlude (Gold Must Die MashMix)
16. Economy – Underneath Me
17. Yasiin Bey – Niggas In Poorest (Gold Must Die Mix)
18. Saul Williams – Black History Month
19. DJ Vadim + Street Poet Monte Smith (a.k.a. King Poetic) – Bathe In Bleach
20. U.N.K.L.E. – Lonely Soul
21. Blur – The Universal
22. Jocelyn Pook – Masked Ball Eyes (Gold Must Die Secret Society Mix feat. Dead Famous) 

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Episode 58 – Par (Tyler Made)



Episode 58 - Par (Artwork - T.Made / D.Hixon)

Episode 58 – Par (Artwork – T.Made / D.Hixon)

Tyler Made’s back with another killer episode for Visions of the Unexcused – this time playing some of his recent Hip Hop favorites. If you’re in Singapore you can see Tyler DJ on the regular. If you’re on the internet you can listen to this excellent mix,  along with some others,  any time you want. All wise options.

  1. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Bombom (The Heist – 2012)
  2. A$AP Rocky – Wassup [Instrumental] (Live. Love. ASAP – 2011)
  3. Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools [Remix] (Good Kid, M.A.A.D City – 2012)
  4. Schoolboy Q – There He Go (Habits & Contradictions – 2012)
  5. X.O. – Orange Soda (Check Please, Vol. 3 – 2012)
  6. Danny Brown – Grown Up (Grown Up – 2012)
  7. Joey Bada$$ – Waves (1999 [mixtape] – 2012)
  8. Action Bronson – Shiraz (Dr. Lecter – 2011)
  9. Gary Clark Jr – The Life (Blak and Blu – 2012)
  10. Ab-Soul – A Rebellion (Control System – 2012)
  11. Issue – 32 Bars (The Best Of ISSUE – 2012)
  12. Big K.R.I.T – REM (King Remembered In Time – 2013)
  13. Chance the Rapper – Good Ass Intro (Acid Rap – 2013)
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Episode 52 – sɪŋəpɔr

Episode #52 - sɪŋəpɔr

Episode #52 – sɪŋəpɔr

*I’m humbled to have another guest DJ take over Visions of the Unexcused for Episode #52. Alyson has compiled a killer mix composed completely of artists from her home in Singapore. More on the podcast in her own words, below.

This mix is an ode to the burgeoning melting pot of shakers and movers in the music industry in Singapore. Our local music scene has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years and I have never been prouder. These renegades are fearless, brilliant, and trailblazers in their own right. I can’t wait for the world to experience the sounds of our little island.

Let this mix speak for itself. This is Singapore. The Lion City.

(Credits: Vasu, Tyler, and Samantha for all their help. Couldn’t have done it without them. Many thanks to Derek for giving the music in Singapore a whole lotta love).

  1. B-Quartet – Intermission for Peanuts
  2. Gema feat. Vandetta – Ward
  3. B-Quartet – A dull taste on my tongue
  4. Analog Girl -All Night
  5. Arajua – Quotation
  6. Kiat feat. Isaac Aesili – Method
  7. Kiat feat. Vandetta – Syndicate
  8. MUON – Re-Align
  9. MUON – Chromatik Fantastik
  10. Kevin Lester feat. Aarika Lee – Rockstar (Thangka Satellites Remix)
  11. MUON – The Consequence
  12. Giants Must Fall – Burning Bride
  13. Analog Girl – Tonight Your Love
  14. Gema – Before Rush
  15. MUON – From the Cold
  16. .gif – Diatribe
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Episode Election Day – Pyramid Ghost

Episode Election Day - Pyramid Ghost (Artwork - Z. Trainor)

Episode Election Day – Pyramid Ghost (Artwork – Z. Trainor)

I’m blessed to have another close friend submit their Visions to the Unexcused. Zac Trainor, aka Pyramid Ghost, brings an intensely layered and relevant mix, on this First Tuesday of November, 2012. The mix is a mosaic filled socio political banger, heavily influenced by campaign shenanigans, attitudes, & rhetoric – all done with a knowledgable wink, and an unfortunate nod. Happy Election Day. Our gift, to you.

1. Boards of Canada – Melissa Juice / Howl – Allen Ginsberg
2. The Drunkk Machine – Thom Yorke
3. Al Green – Dr.Octagon
4. Nuclear War – Sun Ra
5. Baiafro – The Gaslamp Killer
6. I Feel My Stuff – Brian Eno and David Byrne
7. Oh You (Christmas Blues) – LCD Soundsystem

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Episode 48 – Beckon

Episode 48 - Beckon (Artwork - T. Made)

Episode 48 – Beckon (Artwork – Daniel Morgenstern)

*I had the fortune of having my good friend Tyler Made contribute a mix for Episode 48. Read below for his thoughts on the Episode, and you can find more of Tyler’s great work here. I love this retrospective take on Beck’s career, as not only are these Tyler’s favorite Beck songs, but it’s one from each individual album.

As the many who listen to Visions of the Unexcused, Derek Hixon has inspired and influenced my music and what I’ve come to listen to and enjoy. His taste is unparalleled, and only matched by his hunger to hear more. Never jaded, fake or arrogant, he listens for love and shares that passion with anyone who lends an open ear – and it’s infectious. Those who don’t know him might be cynical of this description, but those who do are nodding their heads. This mix, or edited playlist for lack of a better description, is for Derek and because of Derek. For without him, I would have never paid any attention to Beck past what I heard on the radio, and I would have never known the depths and transformations he’s made as an artist. Truly amazing. So this one goes out to Derek and Beck. Thank you thank you thank you.

1. Where it’s At Intro [Odelay – 1996]
2. Wish Coin (Diplo Remix) [Guerolito – 2005]
3. Earthquake Weather [Guero – 2005]
4. Walls [Modern Guilt – 2008]
5. Lost Cause [Sea Change – 2002]
6. Fuckin’ With My Head [Mellow Gold – 1994]
7. He’s a Mighty Good Leader [One Foot In The Grave – 1994]
8. Crystal Clear (Beer) [Stereopathetic Soul Manure – 1994]
9. Totally Confused [Golden Feelings – 1993]
10. Feather in Your Cap [Jack-Ass – 1997]
11. Cripple Creek [Skip Pence Record Club – 2010]
12. Jack-Ass [Odelay – 1997]
13. No Complaints [The Information – 2006]
14. Think I’m in Love [The Information – 2006]
15. Tropicalia [Mutations – 1998]
16. Debra [Midnight Vultures – 1999]

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Episode 46 – Blobs On Tour, Vol. 1: World Wide Funk

Episode 46 - Blobs On Tour, Vol. 1: World Wide Funk

Blobs On Tour, Vol. 1: World Wide Funk (Artwork – R. Sariego)

In the very first installment of Blobs On Tour, your humble guest host – Goop – takes the gang to South America for a crash course in exotic ways. Listen in wonderment as Goop effortlessly mashes stylings from around the world and takes a truly foreign land along for the ride. No Latin soul will be spared; no booty will go un-funked. This is Blobs On Tour.

1. Blobs on Tour, Vol. 1 – Introduction
2. Funkadelic – You and Your Folks (Maggot Brain – 1971)
3. MF Doom – Rapp Snitch Knishes, Featuring Mr. Fantastik (Mm.. Food – 2004)
4. Mulatu Astatke – I Faram Gami I Faram
5. Frank Ocean – Super Rich Kids, Featuring Earl Sweatshirt (Channel ORANGE – 2012)
6. Prince – Controversy (Controversy – 1981)
7. Siriusmo – Femuscle (Allthegirls – 2007)
8. Blobs On Tour Interlude
9. Cumbia en Moog – Cumbia de Sal (Afrosound of Colombia 1 – 2010)
10. Bibio – Anything New (Mind Bokeh – 2011)
11. James Brown – A Man Has to Go Back to the Crossroads (Hell – 1974)
12. The Clash – Up in Heaven (Not Only Here) (Sandinista! – 1980)

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Episode 31 – Unexcused Visions of the Southern States

Episode 31 - Unexcused Visions of the Southern States (Artwork - D. Hixon)

Episode 31 – Unexcused Visions of the Southern States (Artwork – D. Hixon)

Dave doing his thing.

Dave doing his thing.

Dave is an old friend from college who was gracious enough to guest DJ for episode 31. Dave hails from Atlanta, GA and DJ’s regularly around the city with his comrade in music, Drew, as DC² = DJs. Both are on a hell bent mission to keep the ATL listenable, and they’re doing a damn fine job of it. Below you’ll find the set list along with some brief explanations on Dave’s song choices. If you like what you hear (and you will) be sure to become a fan of DC² = DJs on Facebookand be sure to give Dave a shout-out.

1. The Soft Pack – Answer To Yourself (The Soft Pack – 2010)
2. Best Coast – Something In The Way (Something In The Way 7” – 2010)

Two recent favorites, no the best coast song is NOT a Nirvana cover…

3. Feist – I Feel It All (Britt Daniel Remix) – (I Feel It All EP – 2008)
4. Lulu – To Sir With Love (To Sir With Love 7” – 1967)

While I no longer listen to Soul Asylum, I saw Lulu perform this song with them on MTV unplugged back in middle school and I’ve loved it ever since…even after I dreamt of young Dave Pirner strangling me with his nasty dreadlocks.

5. Sly & The Family Stone – If You Want Me To Stay (Fresh – 1973)

The obligatory influential afro-funk track as if to say “I like more than white kids with guitars.” Who doesn’t see through that these days? Come on…lets not fool ourselves any longer.

6. The French Kicks – Atlanta (Swimming – 2008)

A shoutout to mah home! I realize most of you are located in the northeast…come visit me…I’ll take you for Barbecue!

7. Broken Social Scene – Canada vs. America (EP To Be You and Me – 2005)

8. J Roddy Walston & The Business – Used To Did (Hail Mega Boys – 2007)

Do you STILL like Kings of Leon? I never did… If KOL could write a half decent song, maybe they’d sound like these guys.

9. The Broken West – Auctioneer (Now or Heaven – 2008)
10. Bruce Springsteen – Atlantic City (Live) (Nebraska – 1982)

As much as I love Nebraska, I love the full E Street Band version of this song that they do in concert…plus I love it when he does a “1,2,3,4” mid song.

11. Sebadoh – Magnet’s Coil (Bakesale – 1994)

I once helped Lou Barlow shop for a discman. He’s not quite the prick people say he is.

12. Wilco – A Magazine Called Sunset (More Like the Moon EP – 2003)

Pre YHF, Derek got me really into Summerteeth…bastard…do you know how much $$$ I’ve unloaded on this band since???

13. Leonard Cohen – So Long, Marianne (Songs of Leonard Cohen – 1967)
14. The Jesus Lizard – Deaf As A Bat (Lash EP – 1993)
15. Spoon – Waiting For The Kid To Come Out (Soft Effects EP – 1997)

I remember when I first got into this band, I found their first EP in our old CD library atWONY and a promoter told me to listen to this song on headphones…what a difference it makes…turned me into the obsessive Spoon fan I am today.

16) The Radio Dept. – David (David EP – 2009)

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Episode 16 – PBJ Visions aka Thank You DD

Episode 16 - PBJ Visions aka Thank You DD

Episode 16 – PBJ Visions aka Thank You DD (Artwork – D. Hixon)

1. Diplo – Diplo Rhythm
2. Santogold – You’ll Find A Way
3. Thievery Corporation – The State of the Union
4. Aim – Just Passin’ Through
5. Cibo Matto – Know Your Chicken
6. Lindstrom & Prins Thomas – Foreloping Bit
7. Blockhead – The Art of Walking
8. Air – Sexy Boy
9. Chromatics – Dark Day
10. Klanguage – Happy Feet (RMX)
11. Ghostface Killah – Charlie Brown (RMX)
12. Justice – Streamulation (RMX)
13. U.N.K.L.E – Celestial Annilihation
14. Infactuation
15. Mavado – I Feel Gangsta (RMX)
16. Gorillaz – Kids with Guns (RMX)
17. DJ Format – Last Bongo In Brighton
18. The Bell – Target Group (RMX)
19. Tahiti 80 – Changes (RMX)
20. Harlem Zip Code – I Feel Music (RMX)
21. Mylo – Otto’s Journey
22. ESG – Dance
23. U-Turn – Disco Sizzurp
24. The Postal Service – Such Great heights
25. J Dilla – Bye

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