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Recommended Song: Ben Morey & The Eyes – New Life

Ben Morey & The Eyes - Mt. Doom

Ben Morey & The Eyes – Mt. Doom

For fans of the Rochester, NY based indie pop band Howlo, the announcement of a Ben Morey solo album is big news. Known primarily for punchy indie rock, Mt. Doom finds Morey exploring more of a cosmic country sound. Featuring the efforts of nearly 30 members of the Rochester indie rock community, including turns from members of Pleistocene, Green Dreams, Maybird, Northern Spies, and of course, Howlo – Mt. Doom is a bold and lush soon to be classic.

To celebrate the release, Visions of the Unexcused was granted an exclusive stream of the tune “New Life” – which finds Morey’s folk sound enhanced by ghostly steel guitar & mournful back-up harmonies.

Recommended If You Like: Phosphorescent, Bill Callahan, Smog, Howlo

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Recommended Song: Kurt von Stetten – Spanish Ship

Kurt von Stetten

Kurt von Stetten

“Spanish Ship” is the first single from Kurt von Stetten’s tenth Studio album, Bon Fortuna. The song begins with a series of powerful staccato jabs leaving you sea leg weary as you proceed to walk off the Spanish Ship and into what’s another fantastic von Stetten album. Year after year after year Kurt puts out utterly talented & unique albums with songs that ear worm their way deep in the cortex – however,  by some cruel act of God they fly underneath the radar, here’s to hoping he’ll have the good fortune of Bon Fortuna getting some deserved eyes and ears on it – it may very well be his most solid work to date, and that’s saying quite a bit.

Recommended If You Like: Modest Mouse, Built To Spill, GBV

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Recommended Song: Jargon Party “Surf Rock Anthem Number 7”

Jargon Party

Jargon Party look pretty coold in this photo.

Portland Maine is a cool town. Jargon Party is a cool band. “Surf Rock Anthem Number 7” is a cool song. The coinciding video is pretty darn….well, cool. My lack of adjectives are no lack of enthusiasm for any of the above, cool?

Oct 8 – Ralph’s Diner — Worcester
Oct 9 – Fran’s Place — Lynn
Oct 10 – Northeastern University — Boston
Oct 11 – O’Briens — Allston

Recommended If You Like: Duck & Cover, Cloud Nothings, Let’s Wrestle

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Recommended Song: The Halfways – I Don’t Mind

The Halfways

The Halfways

I’ll  jealously be cursing out each and every one of my social feeds over the coming weeks. This is a direct result of me not flying to SXSW. There’ll be no Shiner in my future. No BBQ. No margaritas. No food trucks. No early morning and late nights of continuous revery & music. I’m content with this though, because Austin can come to me through the music of The Halfways.

The Halfways play an easy brand of psychedelic-space-pop that flirts on the edge of jam. Languid lyrics and dripped-out melodies ease your mind into the warmth of a day drunk Texas afternoon. Let bright guitars sunshine your face as you wonder to the next adventure, wherever your latitude may be.

Recommended If You Like: McCartney Psych, My Morning Jacket, Tame Impala

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Recommended Song: Michael O. – World Without Meaning

Michael O. - World Without Meaning

Michael O. – World Without Meaning

The Mantles Michael O. (Michael Olivares) will be releasing his debut 7″ and LP via the newly formed Fruits & Flowers Records this Spring, and the first track, “World Without Meaning”, is a mid-fi swaying beauty. While not as full sounding as previous Mantles records, it’s far from just an echo of those sweet songs, standing firmly on its own while providing much excitement for what’s to come on the rest of the album.

Recommended If You Like: The Mantles, Juan Wauters, The Troggs

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Uncle Tupelo – I Wanna Destroy You (Soft Boys Cover)

This is me on any given night.

This is me on any given night.

I couldn’t find Uncle Tupelo’s excellent cover of The Soft Boys classic “I Wanna Destroy You” anywhere on the web. So decided to record it off of my 7″ copy and share with the World. This is an Honor Roll worthy cover – and a convergence of a lot of great things. The video’s me on a typical night at home. Drinking a ‘Gansett. Watching the Celtics. And listening to Music.

Recommended If You Like: Television, Post-Jangle, Rock and Roll, Jay Farrar

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Recommended Song: Ruby Rose Fox – Raggedy Ann

Ruby Rose Fox

Ruby Rose Fox very likely has the best voice in Boston.

Ruby Rose Fox‘s voice is absolutely arresting in its quality. Her stratified vocal approach can make the simplest arrangement dense with emotion – and “Raggedy Ann” is the perfect example of this. The previously unreleased track has an accompanying video which approaches the song much like the twittering bright guitar that sweeps in the background – it stays out of the way – and lets Rose Fox’s voice place handcuffs on your ears as you willingly let yourself be taken away.

Ruby Rose will be performing in a few weeks down at SXSW – and she’ll be back in Town at Atwoods Tavern on 03/22/14 with Sarah Borges.

(Video and audio by Roger Metcalf)

Recommended If You Like: Peggy Lee, Patti Smith, Leonard Cohen

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Recommended Song: Kurt von Stetten – Cashier Girls

Kurt von Stetten - Cashier Girls

Kurt von Stetten – Cashier Girls

Kurt von Stetten is to Boston what Robert Pollard is to Dayton – both put out steady streams of incredible DIY indie pop jams – The difference being one’s well known while the other’s an unfortunate secret. Kurt’s music has always entranced me, and listening to “Cashier Girls” – the third track off of his latest album Broken But Not Undone – he again surprises, reeling me in like a weird mermaid and leaving myself shipwrecked on an island I didn’t even know I wanted to be on. Von Stetton’s music is consistently unique, challenging, and thoroughly rewarding – and is why I plan on championing him until his name’s more well known.

Recommended If You Like: Robert Pollard, Ty Segall, Lo-Fi Anxiety Pop

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