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Recommended Song: brmfthsstm* – honest


brmfthsstm* — pronouced ‘Broom Of The System’.

It may be easy for brmfthsstm* to be alone, but it’s even easier to ease back and let the rays of “honest” layer you in a golden tan – leaving you deeper in tone & tenor than when you first laid out to bathe. It’s gentle, thoughtful, and light as a two inch New England dusting – while also warm as the orange window you watch flakes flutter and fall from – that duality is what makes “honest” better than great, and brmfthsstm* someone to pay attention to.

Recommended If You Like: Sore Eros, Sex Dream, Tomorrows Tulips

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Recommended Song: Jackson Frolic – Too Light

Jackson Frolic in Middle School.

Jackson Frolic in Middle School.

Close your eyes. Place headphones over ears – let Johhny Marr-like guitar blend with vocals Alec Ounsworth would say yeah to as you drift from emo to epic in an ambitious five minute and seventeen seconds. I like this song, a lot. Jackson Frolic are from Boston, and this Thursday they’ll call O’Brien’s Pub in Allston home. That’d be a good night to close your eyes in person, headphones not required.

Recommended If You Like: Modest Mouse, Clap Your Hands, Frightened Rabbit

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Recommended Song: The Men – Different Days

The Men - Different Days

Bands like The Men give hope during a frozen winter. (Photo – Sacred Bones)

Finding a band that strictly carries the torch of Rock in these future days of 2014 is like stumbling upon the rarest of truffles in some snow capped forest. Over the years The Men have been labeled as punk, psychedelic, garage, and noise – but all those genres really add up to is Rock, and rock they do. They’re a band that barely has its own website, and have all but shunned any form of social media – which may be as punk as it gets in these modern times.

When I hear The Men have a new record on the horizon my teenage self becomes stupid with anticipation. “Different Days” is off their forthcoming LP Tomorrow’s Hits and it’s done the opposite of quell my excitement – I may have even sprouted a few pimples in its honor.

The track begins with some drunken yelps and a nakedly insistent bass which propels the song into motion as driving guitar and organ accompaniment take you to a place of good. For those of us consistently searching, in a forest or otherwise, it’s nice to know that between massive quantities of vastness hope lies about, waiting to be plucked up.

Recommended If You Like: The Woolen Men, Bad Times, Dinosaur Jr, Rock

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Freakin’ Weekend: Lord Finesse – Isn’t He Something (Showbiz Remix) (Funky Man: The Prequel)

Lord Finesse

Lord Finesse can do it all in Hip Hop, and do it well.

The highly esteemed Hip Hop label, Splice of Life, has just issued a remastered version of the classic Lord Finesse song, “Isn’t He Something” – and it’s the perfect anthem for this weekend, or any Freakin’ Weekend for that matter. Finesse was a man ahead of his time, and may be best known (even if you weren’t aware) for his production work on Notorious B.I.G.’s classic debut Ready to Die, specifically on the track “Suicidal Thoughts”. Either way, he’s a man who deserves more due than he’s been paid.

You can purchase “Isn’t He Something” here.

Recommended If You Like: 90’s Era Hip Hop, Edan, Mr. Lif, Black Sheep

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New Music: CFCF – Camera

CFCF  'Music for Objects' EP is out July 9th.

CFCF ‘Music for Objects’ EP is out July 9th.

Since my first listen of “Raining Patterns” I’ve been a CFCF convert. CFCF is the work of Mike Silver, and the Montreal native does a lovely job of combing elements of electronic, ambient, and house – creating music for the lounge, after-party, or rainy day. His latest track, “Camera”, builds on his past musics vibe, but with an approach that’s more subtle and sophisticated. Silver’s not relying on a 808-esque “boom-bap – boom-boom-bap” drum track to pull you in, and there’s really no great release on “Camera” – it’s just a sneakily built up mosaic of sounds that entangle around you in a non-threatening and beautiful way, leaving as gracefully as it entered.

“Camera” will be on CFCF’s July EP Music for Objects, which can be pre-ordered here.

Recommended If You Like: Brian Eno, Bibio, Fort Romeo, Chill Electro

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You’ve Got A Best Friend Now: Kurt Vile – Ocean City

Yaz trying to beat the Summer heat in 2010.

Yaz trying to beat the Summer heat in 2010. (Photo – D.Hixon)

I’m still bumming pretty hard about losing my bud Yaz – I holed myself in my apartment yesterday and the night before, and per always, music was there to help me cope when feeling low. I instinctively was drawn to my Kurt Vile records, who’s been a favorite of mine for years, and has always struck a personal chord with me. “Ocean City” off of 2010’s Square Shell’s EP hit me the most directly, likely because I was literally interpreting the chorus, and as the night progressed I kept picking up the needle and restarting the song while sitting in the dark with drink in hand, and memories swirling in my head.

You’ve got a best friend, don’t know how
You’ve got a best friend now

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