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New Video: Dead Trains – County Road Bound/Mean Town Blues

Dead Trains

Dead Trains

Galavant with Dead Trains & cohorts in their newest video as they get off the chain gain and into your basement hearts. There’s tons of SouthWest swagger from this Boston trio – with concrete grit and dirty jean vibez permeating off of their new single, “County Road Bound/Mean Town Blues” – it’s the perfect accompaniment to listen to while working on a serious hangover.

Recommended If You Like: Meat Puppets, Jon Spencer, Cow Punk

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New Video: Winter – Pretender

Winter will keep you warm. (Photo - Carl Pocket)

Winter will keep you warm. (Photo – Carl Pocket)

Winter, a band conceived in Boston & stationed out of Los Angeles, recently released a video for “Pretender” – the chill dream vibes of the indie quartet are encapsulated beautifully by lead guitarist Matt Hogan’s direction, as you get a backseat view of what it’d be like to chum around on tour with Winter.

Recommended If You Like: Beach Fossils, Summer Twins,  Ducktails

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Video Premiere: The Longwalls – Zombies! – Live at The Bridge Sound and Stage


Fresh from taking part in the always fantastic Outlaw Roadshow in NYC – The Longwall’s have released the first of a ten-song live video from their  record release show back in March (due out in early December w/audio). Fittingly for this Halloween weekend the song they’ve chosen is “Zombies!” – one of my favorite tracks from their 2008 debut Field Guide for the Zombie Survivalist.

Filmed back in March at The Bridge Sound and Stage for the release of their absolutely stellar Gold Standard an album which will be featured on Visions upcoming “Best Of The Year” podcast. I was lucky enough to be present for this show. Beer was packed at the front of the stage from the still too high snow banks outside – and the mood inside was positively captivated – something this video, and the upcoming video series encapsulate wonderfully.

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Recommended Song: Jargon Party “Surf Rock Anthem Number 7”

Jargon Party

Jargon Party look pretty coold in this photo.

Portland Maine is a cool town. Jargon Party is a cool band. “Surf Rock Anthem Number 7” is a cool song. The coinciding video is pretty darn….well, cool. My lack of adjectives are no lack of enthusiasm for any of the above, cool?

Oct 8 – Ralph’s Diner — Worcester
Oct 9 – Fran’s Place — Lynn
Oct 10 – Northeastern University — Boston
Oct 11 – O’Briens — Allston

Recommended If You Like: Duck & Cover, Cloud Nothings, Let’s Wrestle

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Must Watch: The Rock-n-Roll Farmers: Donnie & Joe Emerson

Donnie & Joe Emerson - Dreamin' Wild

Donnie & Joe Emerson – Dreamin’ Wild

The story of Donnie and Joe Emerson is something vinyl heads tell their children as they tuck them in at night. Their only record, Dreamin’ Wild, was recorded by two brothers who lived in middle of nowhere rural Washington – they worked the farm during the day and played music all night. Their Father was so inspired by their passion that he built a $100,000 state of the art recording studio….in the 70’s… the middle of nowhere. The result is a weird mix of white boy soul, rock, and funk. The original vinyl is a holy grail find, as only something like a 1,000 records were pressed, however, it’s since been repressed by Light in the Attic records – and is an essential album for any record collection. Watch their story below in a brief but touching documentary on the brothers.

Recommended If You Like: 70’s AM pop, White Boy Soul

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Recommended Album: Free Pizza – Boston, MA

Free Pizza, yo.

Free Pizza, yo.

Free Pizza‘s first LP, which is co-released by Bufu and Feeding Tube, is an absolute must own. The Jamaica Plain based group play a unique brand of discordant stoner jangle that’ll make you want to hug your stereo, buy it a beer, and crank the volume. Limited to only 300 copies it’s sure to go fast, but hopefully Free Pizza will be sticking around for awhile – as they’re a band that’s got me pretty damn excited for 2015.

Recommended If You Like: The Woolen Men, Meat Puppets, Weed

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Tonight’s Word: Honor Roll – Paying Respect to The Colbert Report

The Colbert Report is a first ballot Honor Roll Inductee.

The Colbert Report is a first ballot Honor Roll Inductee.

The Colbert Report has been putting me to bed for a decade, and after Thursday it’s void will be markedly larger than I’d like to admit. At 35 years old nine years is a quarter of my life, and while Colbert will be moving on to deservedly greener pastures, I can’t help but let the nostalgic part of me long for days of future past.

In 2007 when my future Wife and I were galavanting about Ecuador we became friends with an Australian couple, Peter and Penny. They were basically a Southern Hemisphere mirror of ourselves – which was both refreshing and rejuvenating when deep in an internet-less Amazon basin, especially during the years George Bush was making it easier for Americans traveling abroad to say they were from Canada.

We were aligned on everything – except that is, this brand new show I raved over called The Colbert Report, which these different but same Aussies just couldn’t connect on – and from that moment in Ecuador, I realized how distinctive and American The Colbert Report was. In subsequent years the rest of the World would better understand the character Colbert was playing, but for those of a left leaning mind-set in the middle of the Amazon basin in 2007 we were distinctively in on the “joke”  – and with The Colbert Report leaving, I’m predictably melancholy, nostalgic, and sad. Colbert will do a phenomenal job replacing Letterman, but there’ll never be another show quite like The Colbert Report. Huzzah.

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