Episode 11.1 – Broken Visions Radio

Episode 11.1 - Broken Visions Radio

Episode 11.1 – Broken Visions Radio (Artwork – Z. Trainor)

DJ John from Broken Heart Radio guest DJ’s a great set.

I first met John in Oneonta, NY at 90.9 WONY where we both shared a mutual love and respect for music. Even before I joined the station John let my friend Tim and I sit in on one of his late night shows, and he even let me play my first live song over the airwaves (Dramarama – Work for Food [Acoustic]).

John passed the torch and title of Music Director to me after his days in Upstate NY were over, in now in the year 2007, his Broken Heart Radio became the main inspiration for me to rekindle Visions of the Unexcused. Couldn’t thank him enough for inspiring my love of music to new levels, and I’m certain you’ll hear, why I respect his ear so much.



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