Episode 48 – Beckon

Episode 48 - Beckon (Artwork - T. Made)

Episode 48 – Beckon (Artwork – Daniel Morgenstern)

*I had the fortune of having my good friend Tyler Made contribute a mix for Episode 48. Read below for his thoughts on the Episode, and you can find more of Tyler’s great work here. I love this retrospective take on Beck’s career, as not only are these Tyler’s favorite Beck songs, but it’s one from each individual album.

As the many who listen to Visions of the Unexcused, Derek Hixon has inspired and influenced my music and what I’ve come to listen to and enjoy. His taste is unparalleled, and only matched by his hunger to hear more. Never jaded, fake or arrogant, he listens for love and shares that passion with anyone who lends an open ear – and it’s infectious. Those who don’t know him might be cynical of this description, but those who do are nodding their heads. This mix, or edited playlist for lack of a better description, is for Derek and because of Derek. For without him, I would have never paid any attention to Beck past what I heard on the radio, and I would have never known the depths and transformations he’s made as an artist. Truly amazing. So this one goes out to Derek and Beck. Thank you thank you thank you.

1. Where it’s At Intro [Odelay – 1996]
2. Wish Coin (Diplo Remix) [Guerolito – 2005]
3. Earthquake Weather [Guero – 2005]
4. Walls [Modern Guilt – 2008]
5. Lost Cause [Sea Change – 2002]
6. Fuckin’ With My Head [Mellow Gold – 1994]
7. He’s a Mighty Good Leader [One Foot In The Grave – 1994]
8. Crystal Clear (Beer) [Stereopathetic Soul Manure – 1994]
9. Totally Confused [Golden Feelings – 1993]
10. Feather in Your Cap [Jack-Ass – 1997]
11. Cripple Creek [Skip Pence Record Club – 2010]
12. Jack-Ass [Odelay – 1997]
13. No Complaints [The Information – 2006]
14. Think I’m in Love [The Information – 2006]
15. Tropicalia [Mutations – 1998]
16. Debra [Midnight Vultures – 1999]

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