Episode 49 – John Peel For God

Episode 49 - John Peel For God (Artwork - D. Hixon)

Episode 49 – John Peel For God (Artwork – D. Hixon)

John Peel is the greatest DJ to ever breath. He placed the watermark of excellence at an unattainable level, which makes striving for its apex a never ending adventure. Reaching for it may be laughable, but for Peel’s sake, I long to be a Member of his elusive fraternity of taste. John was the ultimate champion of Music, and his example is the path I follow.

Episode 49 consists of songs exclusively chosen from Peel’s Secret Record Box. I listened to these selections as a personal Epitaph from John himself, and handled the subsequent mix with kid gloves out of both honor and terror, for doing anything in the name of Peel approaches blasphemy. What you hear is the cream of the cream, a representation of Gods favorite music, translated by a forever kid who’s a slave to sound.

1. John Peel – Fit of Madness
2. The Undertones – Teenage Kicks (The Undertones – 1978)
3. The Yardbirds – Psycho Daisies (Happenings Ten Years Time Ago UK Single – 1966)
4. The White Stripes – Hand Springs (Hand Springs Split 7” – 1999)
5. Travis Wammack – Scratchy (Scratchy 7” – 1964)
6. John Peel – Overturned
7. Mary Monday – Popgun (I Gave My Punk… 7″ – 1977)
8. The Quads – There Must Be Thousands (There Must Be Thousands 7” – 1979)
9. Izzy Royal – Coronation Street [Andy Kidd’s Dub A Nation Mix] (Coronation Street – 1983)
10. Max Romeo – It Sipple Out Deh [War In A Babylon] (It Sipple Out Deh 7” – 1976)
11. John Peel – Any Good Or Not Yourself
12. The Anemic Boyfriends – Guys Are Not Proud (Guys Are Not Proud 7” – 1980)
13. Eddie & Ernie – I Believe She Will (I Believe She Will 7” – 1965)
14. O V Wright – That’s How Strong My Love Is (That’s How Strong My Love Is 7” – 1964)
15. Timmy Matley – Most Inspiring Thing You’ve Ever Heard
16. The Mark Four – I’m Leaving (Hurt Me If You Will 7” – 1965)
17. The Big Three – You’ve Gotta Keep Her Under Hand (If You Ever Change Your Mind 7” – 1964)
18. Lightnin’ Hopkins – Mojo Hand (Mojo Hand – 1960)
19. Letter to John Peel from The Undertones – Play the Tape on your Program
20. John Peel Interview – Seen As Their Champion
21. John Peel – Best Record in the Whole History of the World, Ever
22. The Undertones – Teenage Kicks (The Undertones – 1978)

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