Freakin’ Weekend: Are You Hip To Easter Island? – Parliament – Mothership Connection


P-Funk are here to help you party on the Mothership. Swing low, and move on.



Last weekend at the New England Record Show I was digging through a vendor’s Funk/Soul section and immediately pulled Parliament’s seminal record Mothership Connection. As I continued to flip through the records I had numerous vinyl heads ask if I was purchasing it. When replying “Yes” they sighed with respectful regret and let me know how good of a record it was, and my reply each time was “I know.”

It can’t be understated how influential George Clinton and P-Funk are, and as I continue to connect the dots with their complex and rewarding discography certain things become clear. For example, early 90’s West Coast Rap would sound a hell of a lot different without P-Funk. You can easily see a young Dr. Dre in the early 70’s grooving with over-sized headphones to a copy of his Mom’s Mothership Connection. The title track is the DNA of his seminal album, The Chronic, which helped propel the Rap Game to the next level and expose a whole new generation and class to President Clinton and his band of fearless freaks. So on this Easter Freakin’ Weekend celebrate the forever contemporary sound of one of the greatest bands to ever get weird and reclaim those pyramids.

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