Freakin’ Weekend: The Real Kids – All Kindsa Girls



Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers have justifiably cornered the market on late 70’s Boston Rock and are seemingly the only band history now smiles upon. But a Group also worthy of remembrance is The Real Kids. John Felice, their guitarist, singer and songwriter was actually in the initial line-up of The Modern Lovers, but because he was still in school (15 years old), he missed out on their moderate success, and took on a contrasting, but equally exuberant take on life in Boston during a time when Punk dominated Kenmore Square. While Richman was a health food eating Pop Savant, Felice was hanging on the shadiest of shakedown streets and getting lost within vice while producing songs that rivaled Richman’s. So in honor of this, we raise a toast to John, and bless the Freakin’ Weekend.

D. Hixon

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