Jumping Again – Review of Dirty Secrets & Untold Stories featuring Mike Gent

Mike Gent

Mike Gent playing on the Red Star stage. (GIF – D.Hixon)

Mike Gent
Red Star, Kendall Square – Cambridge, 03/14/13

The inaugural night of Dirty Secrets & Untold Stories felt like the beginning of something great, as it masterfully blurred the line between the performance and the green room. Curated and hosted by Writer and Rock sage Tom Kielty (Boston Globe, Rolling Stone, Spin), the Event was an intimate, entertaining, and extremely fun affair.

The evening was a celebration of the music of Mike Gent (The Figgs, The Gentlemen, Graham Parker), and as Kielty and Gent talked about Mike’s career and life you felt like a Rock ‘n Roll voyeur. The two shared the secret code of old friends, and as they spoke you were brought into their circle with stories revealing the music and path that Gent’s walked down.

Kielty Gent

Kielty and Gent share untold stories.

Gent played two separate acoustic sets in-between the interview and audience generated questions, and the choice of songs exposed as much about Mike as the talking did. I found it striking that he chose to play mostly new material, including songs he hadn’t yet played out. On a night that served as a retrospective of his musical career, Gent showed that he’s still very much looking forward, and that’s to our benefit, because the new songs were killer.

I’d also like to state that Red Star is an incredible space, it’s an unearthed gem hidden in Kendall for hopefully not much longer. Dirty Secrets & Untold Stories was filmed and streamed live with a multiple camera set-up, and as soon as the Video’s available I’ll be posting it below. Here’s to hoping there’s more dirty secrets down the road, because the stories last night certainly were great.

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