Know Your Record Label: Flying Nun Records

Flying Nun Records

Flying Nun Records is New Zealand’s gift to the World.

New Zealand is the Madagascar of the Asia Pacific region, relatively isolated, and able to advance at its own unique pace. It’s closer to Antarctica than any continent not name Australia, and as a result solitary species are able to evolve. Such is the case with the New Zealand music scene, and this is specifically so because of Flying Nun Records. Over the past 30 years some brilliant music has been released by Flying Nun, an no bands had more impact or prestige (depending on what circle you run in) than The Clean. There are tons of other great acts such as The Chills or Tall Dwarfs, and it’s a catalogue certainly worth getting lost in. I recently discovered an outstanding documentary on the label via YouTube, and it’s a great history lesson of the weird and beautiful music of Flying Nun.

D. Hixon

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