Mermaid Avenue Remembered

Woody Guthrie

Woody Guthrie

The Mermaid Avenue albums by Billy Bragg and Wilco are important works of art. Taking unused lyrics from Woody Guthrie and marrying them with music of their own is a gorgeous way to connect these generations of musicians. The songs show how incredibly talented Woody Guthrie was as a songwriter, while also revealing that both Tweedy and Bragg are cut from a similar cloth. I thought “Christ For President” would be appropriate on this Presidents Day, and unfortunately, Guthrie’s cutting lyrics still hold contemporary weight all these years later.

Trailer for “Man In The Sand”, a documentary on the making of these albums.

Every year we waste enough
To feed the ones who starve
We build our civilization up
And we shoot it down with wars
– Woody Guthrie

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