New Album: Captain Murphy – Duality

Captain Murphy - Duality

Captain Murphy – Duality

A mysterious character calling himself Captain Murphy surfaced on Twitter and YouTube a few months ago and with each track released he excited and perplexed those following him. The music was reminiscent of the jazzy cartoon inspired production of Madlib, and when Earl Sweatshirt appeared on a track people began theorizing that this was a collaboration between Madlib and Odd Future. Last week, at the experimental hip hop and electronic LA club Low End Theory, Captain Murphy literally took off his mask to reveal his true identity, and to the delight of the crowd, it was the critically acclaimed producer Flying Lotus.

Hats off to Flying Lotus. Mystery is a hard thing to pull off in this hyper connected social age, and his ability to build a mythology around this alter ego was well played, especially given that he’s never rapped on record before. The music and production is top notch and stand toe-to-toe with some of MF Doom’s best work.

“Planet Earth – about to be recycled – your only chance to – survive, or evacuate – is to leave, with us.” Captain Murphy – Mighty Morphin Foreskin

Leave with us. This type of abandonment is needed to appreciate what Flying Lotus is doing on Duality. On “Mighty Morphin Foreskin” (below) there’s 70’s inspired soul, elephant horns, Homer Simpson dohs, Street Fighter II samples, and the above warning from a cult leader – and that’s not even half of what’s audible. Duality is d-e-n-s-e.

The theme of joining a cult is the wrapping paper that engulfs the entire album and is revisited throughout. Duality reeks of late night smoked out twisted television, and is a rewarding gift when opened. Experimental. Weird. Psychedelic. Paranoid. Bold. Fun. All these adjectives fit. It isn’t for everyone, but if you get it, you’ll love it, that’s part of the duality enshrouding this now revealed mystery.

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Thanks to Pyramid Ghost for turning me on to this!

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