New Album: Kurt von Stetten – Androlafi

Kurt von Stetten

Kurt von Stetten deserves more attention, possibly Boston’s greatest hidden gem.

Kurt von Stetten’s music is weird. It’s off-putting in a fever dream way making your musical inertia veer off course and fluctuate like a fifty cent bouncy ball. It’s because of this uncertainty that you tingle with excitement upon hearing certain tracks. Listening to von Stetten’s music is like ingesting a drug for the first time. As your psyche ascends towards the initial drop you release yourself for what’s to come.

Kurts new album, Androlafi, does just this. It breaches walls of sophistication that only a trained indie/pop savant could attain, and with him being a DIY one man show; from his music to artwork, I fear he’s one of Boston’s least appreciated Renaissance men, and that’s a Goddamn shame.

You can purchase Androlafi here.

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