New Album: Phosphorescent – Muchacho


Phosphorescent gets dirty in the tub.

Phosphorescent, aka Matthew Houck, first caught my ear in 2010 with his stellar album Here’s to Taking It Easy, and particularly with the song “The Mermaid Parade“. It’s a wistful album full of soul and tinged with country influences, with Houck coming off as if he was Willie Nelson’s kin. Phosphorescent’s new album, Muchacho, is out 03/19/13 and the above track, “Song for Zula”, is the first single. It still has the wistfulness you’d expect from him, but the Production is over the top with mechanical drums and synth strings making it sound like a bad 80’s pop single. It appears as if Houck has traded in his band for a studio, with “Song for Zula” being nothing more than a vocal performance (albeit a pretty darn good one) – but still, the soul is gone and Willie’s nowhere to be seen. I haven’t heard anything else off of Muchacho, but if it’s more tracks like this it’ll be a severe disappointment.

Phosphorescent will be performing at the Brighton Music Hall on 04/17/13.

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