New Animal Collective Video “Applesauce” = Total Piece of Shit

The Cheat is Grounded

The Cheat is Grounded

Animal Collective’s new video for “Applesauce” is the most pretentious piece of shit they’ve released to date, and that’s saying a lot. In its entirety “Applesauce” features model Lindsey Wixson eating a goddamn mango in a continuous tightly cropped shot as The Cheat throws light-switch raves in the background. That’s it. Pretty girl eats a juicy mango as day glow light reflects off her stupid 18 year old chin. And to take the absurd into the surreal this piece of crap is supposed to be “watched in the dark”, because ya’ know, that’s how you’re supposed to watch fruit porn. Oh yeah, this is apparently a “collaboration” between Animal Collective and filmmaker Gaspar Noé, and is loosely based on another piece of shit short film from 1968. Good God, this sorta made me hate them.

Animal Collective will be playing at the House of Blues Boston on 03/07/13 with Dan Deacon in support of their new album Centipede Hz.

D. Hixon

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2 thoughts on “New Animal Collective Video “Applesauce” = Total Piece of Shit
  1. Ed

    It’s art, and it’s certainly different than the ‘norm.’ If you’re going to critique art on a blog, you ought to do it more eloquently, rather than calling their music video “a piece of shit”. If you know how to use a computer and the internet as well as you obviously do; learn how to use the English language to express yourself better and in a less flagrant and offensive way.

  2. D. Hixon

    I also called the Video (if you read past the title):

    – pretentious
    – absurd
    – crap
    – fruit porn*

    The next time they release another Junior Varsity Art School music video I promise to critique the work in a more eloquent and refined manner. But as for “Applesauce” – it’s a complete and utter piece of shit.

    *My personal favorite


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