New Music: Bonobo – Cirrus

Bonobo, the British Producer/DJ, released the above video for his new song “Cirrus” yesterday* and I’m likely responsible for at least 37 of the 83,514 views it already has on YouTube. The track trickles on a downtempo path creating an organized cacophony of ancient sounding bells and gongs, which slowly build to a pleasing apex that any new age shaolin monk would embrace. The visuals are a psychedelic treat and a rotoscope artists wet-dream. Like the song, the video starts simple enough, however, it quickly descends into a tripped out traipse through white 1950’s suburbia, and coupled together with the excellent composition of “Cirrus”, it’s as if you’re watching Mad Men on acid.

Bonobo will be playing the Paradise Rock Club with Nickodemus on 04/13/13.

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*Thanks to @Apheks73 & Dusty Flippers for the heads-up.

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