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CFCF  'Music for Objects' EP is out July 9th.

CFCF ‘Music for Objects’ EP is out July 9th.

Since my first listen of “Raining Patterns” I’ve been a CFCF convert. CFCF is the work of Mike Silver, and the Montreal native does a lovely job of combing elements of electronic, ambient, and house – creating music for the lounge, after-party, or rainy day. His latest track, “Camera”, builds on his past musics vibe, but with an approach that’s more subtle and sophisticated. Silver’s not relying on a 808-esque “boom-bap – boom-boom-bap” drum track to pull you in, and there’s really no great release on “Camera” – it’s just a sneakily built up mosaic of sounds that entangle around you in a non-threatening and beautiful way, leaving as gracefully as it entered.

“Camera” will be on CFCF’s July EP Music for Objects, which can be pre-ordered here.

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