New Music: Far Corners – Sanity Suck

Far Corners

If you knew what was good for you, you’d listen to Far Corners.

Standout label Volar Records recently released their inaugural Strange Mutations 7″ set Vol. 1 and the limited run of 150 is absolutely excellent. What first attracted me to the set, aside from Volar’s high batting average, was that an Eat Skull 7″ was included, which on it’s own is killer – but so far the stand-out and star of the set is the Far Corners record.

Far Corners are out of Las Cruces, NM and play an aggressively fuzzed out lo-fi hybrid of really good garage pop. The songs make you want to pogo about while spilling your drink with a best friend. “Sanity Suck” in particular is a searing track that starts hard and ends in a blister.

You can buy the Far Corners 7″ separately or as part of the Strange Mutations boxed-set (recommended) for either $6 or $25.

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