New Music: Jack Dutone & MF Rex: When The Last time (Ultra-Swag Remix)

Automatic Reaction

Automatic Reaction: helping people dance through uber creative mixes since 2005.

Automatic Reaction is a DJ posse from NYC comprised of MF Rex, Norman Bassey, Salvador G, and Jack Dutone. Rex and Dutone have released their latest remix, “When The Last Time”, and it’s an ultra creative mashup of style and sound. What makes this Crew stand out is their fearless ability to combine completely different styles of music into something wholly new and unique. For instance, in “When Was Last Time” you’ll hear an Italian composer (Gian Piero Reverberi), Rockabily (Link Wray), Punk Rock (Ramones), and some Hip Hop (Clipse). It’s a unique skill set to combine four such polarizing genres into a single track, and the Automatic Reaction crew have become masters at it.

MF Rex will be spinning at The Good Life on April 26th, a night that’s sure to be a blast.

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