New Music: Mudhoney – The Only Son of the Widow Nain

Mudhoney - The Only Son of the Widow Nain

Remember Rock and Roll, listen to Mudhoney.

“Mudhoney. All day long.” -Me

I posted the above to my Facebook Wall last week and proceeded to go on an eight hour binge with Mudhoney’s 1990 compilation Superfuzz Bigmuff Plus Early Singles. Needless to say, it was a great eight hours. Mudhoney turn 25 in 2013 and they’ve weaved in and out of my headphones for many of those blurry years. When I discovered they were releasing their first album album since 2008 I was overjoyed.

The first single, “The Only Son of the Widow Nain”, can be heard and downloaded below. It chugs along in typical Mudhoney fashion with Mark Arms voice as urgent and sleazy as ever, screaming “I’m coming Back, I’m Coming Back, I’m Coming Back – For More!” just moments into the song, and thank God for that. Mudhoney. All day long. Vanishing Point comes out this April via Sub Pop.

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