New Music: Teenage Burritos – Kamikaze

Teenage Burritos

Teenage Burritos are here to save us from the elements.

I hereby dub the Teenage Burritos new track “Kamikaze” the official song of Spring 2013. While the Boston weather stubbornly sticks with a motif of Winter I’m looking forward with eyes set on baseball, cheap beer, & backyard cookouts. So by the power now vested in Teenage Burritos and their absolutely stellar new song “Kamikaze” – I politely say piss off Old Man Winter, your time has come.

“Kamikaze” will be available soon via 7″ through one of my favorite labels, Volar Records. Like them on FaceBook for further updates.

Black Sweater in the blazing sun. Black Sweater in the blazing sun. Black Sweater in the blazing sun. At the bus-stop you’re alone.

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