New Music: Terry Malts – I Was Not There

Terry Malts

Some bands have their heads in the clouds…that’s not so for Terry Malts.

Terry Malts approach their music with a DIY punk ethos that allow their sound to develop uniquely without the influences of others. Their highly anticipated sophomore LP, Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere, was recorded entirely in their San Francisco practice space, and if “I Was Not There” is any indication, it’s going to be one hell of an album.

Their brand of chugging pop punk stands out like a raised fist in a swaying crowd, while Phil Benson’s vocals reveal he’s a not so distant cousin to the crooning style Danzig made famous with the Misfits (no, seriously). Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere will be out on the 10th of September, you can pre-order the LP via Slumberland Records, and see them live at Great Scott on 09/18/13.

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