New Music: The Mallard – Iceberg

The Mallard (Photo - Ian Witlen)

The Mallard are leaving us far too soon. (Photo – Ian Witlen)

All things must pass. A memorable adage that the mystic Harrison made popular back in 1970. Realizing this simple truth can assist in rounding the edges of loss, however, this comfort misses the mark when something leaves us too soon, and The Mallard are leaving us too soon.

The Mallard broke-up after a series of shows and a subsequent tour following SXSW this year, and the reasons don’t really matter, what matter’s is that Finding Meaning In Deference will be their second and final album ever. If Finding Meaning In Deference is their death rattle, then it’s a defiant way to rage against the dying of the light – as they’re leaving a killer record as an epitaph.

Sunrise doesn’t last all morning. A talented band can’t last all day. Now they’re breaking up without warning. And I’ll never get to see them play.

Finding Meaning In Deference is due out on July 29th via Castle Face Records.

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