New Music: Youth Lagoon – Dropla

Youth Lagoon's Wondrous Bughouse will be released 03/05/13.

Youth Lagoon’s Wondrous Bughouse will be released 03/05/13.

Trevor Powers, aka Youth Lagoon, is releasing his sophomore album Wondrous Bughouse via Fat Possom Records on March 5th. “Dropla” is the first single and it’s an airy tune destined to be in the closing credits of an upcoming Girls episode. During the recording of Wondrous Bughouse Powers was “becoming more fascinated with the human psyche and where the spiritual meets the physical world” ¹  and this becomes apparent as he repeats “You’ll Never Die, You’ll Never Die, You’ll Never Die…” during the songs first crescendo. You can pre-order Wondrous Bughouse here.

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¹ Via Indie Music Filter:

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