Recomended Album: Rare Monk – Sleep/Attack

Rare Monk

Rare Monk (Photo – Tucker Levertron)

Portland Oregon’s Rare Monk play a brand of Indie Pop that’s destined to serve as the soundtrack for some sort of coming of age movie trailer. Dorian Aites vocals will make you think you’re hearing a Phoenix B-Side, while Jacob Martin’s shimmering guitar leads sound like an un-neutered Coldplay. The band as a whole present a tight effort with Sleep/Attack, which is available digitally using a “Pay What You Can” model. Below is the stand-out soundtrack destined song, but tracks like “Timebreakers” are the most unique and interesting on the album. It goes from a Pixies like bass and guitar volley to Isaac Thelin’s rising violin changing direction numerous times. I will say that the violin does get tired, giving me terrifying DMB flashbacks – I’d much rather hear a second guitar in its place. The overall affect of Sleep/Attack is off-putting yet oddly intriguing, and I’m sure it’s a great live show. There’s a lot going on with their music, and for something that seems initially easy to box-in and corner, they keep slipping from the genre I want to pin on them – which is most certainly a good thing.

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