Recommended Album: American Thread – Killing Days

American Thread

American Thread are doing Boston proud.

American Thread are a three (sometimes four) piece Americana Band from Boston who’ve just released their debut album Killing Days on Bandcamp with a “Name Your Price” model. It’s a bold first effort that hides behind zero studio trickery and wears a heart on the sleeve. There’s a dirty nail quality that harkens Whiskeytown with a solid dash of Port O’Brien thus fitting well within the tradition of Americana. Songs such as the below “Fisherman’s Lullabye” are hyper local in nature (Gloucester), and while a lot of the material on Killing Days has been visited in the recent past, American Thread present it with a timeless ease that make the songs on Killing Days endearing, beautiful, sad bastard music.

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One thought on “Recommended Album: American Thread – Killing Days
  1. American Thread

    Much thanks for the review! We encourage anyone to download…if you throw us a buck it goes towards next record if you throw us nothing…WE DON’T care. Just want the music out there!



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