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BNLX play a Tribute to Joe Strummer in Minneapolis. (Photo – PD Larson)

Minneapolis based BNLX play a DIY brand of post-punk pop that hop scotches across multiple musical disciplines. Ashley and Ed Ackerson trade boy/girl vox behind a cacophony of discordant guitars and bouncy bass. Throughout their debut LP BNLX surprise with their ability to genre blend. A song can start with a Kim Gordon led charge only to bleed into something that sounds like a cross between Neds Atomic Dustbin and The Teenagers. It’s weird turns like this that keep your head cocked and foot tapping, making for a strong debut.

BNLX will be playing at Pianos and Big Snow Buffalo Lodge on May 16th and 17th in NYC.

Recommended If You Like: Neds Atomic Dustbin, The Teenagers, Pop Sonic Youth

D. Hixon

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