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Getting old can be a drag. Body parts ache that didn’t exist a decade ago, time is commandeered with adult chores, and creativity becomes blunted. The routine of the race can lead many to either vice or complacency – and this is especially true when it comes to art, be it painting, music, or what have you. I’m on the downslope of my 30’s, which feels ancient for someone writing a music blog – let alone the podcast’s & DJ mixes I do in addition to my “real job”. I often feel crazy striving forward and pouring so much of myself into a painting, song, or mix – as I’ve grown older the significance of art has crept off my peers radar, and been passed down to a younger generation with seeming indifference with others my age.

That’s likely why so much music circles around young ideals – and it’s these realizations that make Gladiola’s new album, This Year’s Storm, hit hard for me. The music will make any fan of 80’s college jangle in approval – but it’s the lyrics that strike me like a hammer.

are you still writing? are you haunted by the amp in the basement?

Bill Madden-Fuoco makes each song a story – and the stories, each of them, center around very adult themes. The album kicks off with “We’re Never Going Back” (below) which was mixed by Mitch Easter [R.E.M., Wilco, Pavement] and the rest of the album was mixed by Dave Minehan, who recently toured with The Replacements. Those two names tell you everything you need to know about the music, as not only have the themes of the songs grown up, but so has the music and overall production – making This Year’s Storm an early favorite for 2016.

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