Recommended Album: Howlo – Howlo

Howlo (Photo - L. Galassini)

Howlo clears the clouds.  (Photo – L. Galassini)

I never imagined a band from Rochester, NY – my hometown – could inspire visions of me “surfing” the placid waves of Lake Ontario, let alone think Rochester was a place one could actually tan, but with their debut LP Howlo has done just that, proving sunshine can pierce through lake effect clouds. Howlo’s self titled debut has enough trash plate grime to make the restrained bright surf elements not stand out as imposters. This is a guitar driven pop album of high magnitude, with languid call & response vocal’s whose woozy rhythm leads you into a soft self soothe pogo. “Bewilder” may very well give you a cavity due to its perfect sweetness – “Shadowlike” is an anthem not allowed to leave your head – while album closer “Stranger” is the last call song you sing yourself to bed as you pour one last drink too many.

This is also the debut release for Rochester’s City Of Quality Records, a label destined for many, many good things and one you should be paying close attention to – I sure as hell know I will.

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