Recommended Album: Man’s Assassination Man – The Big One

Man's Assassination Man

Man’s Assassination Man take a break during a live show, circa de 2011.

Man’s Ass is dead. Long live Man’s Ass. Man’s Assassination Man are a pernicious LA Punk band that unfortunately no longer grace the stage, but fret not, they still can haunt your auditory nerves via cassette, wax, or soulless zero’s and ones. Their music has a loose SST feel with a sentiment that veers towards demented and sinister – and I mean that in a good way. The below description written over at Selection Records tells you all you need to know about the album – which may be a little weird, but weird does not mean bad.

The Big One (their only album) can be bought on cassette via the aforementioned Selection Records and also on vinyl through Ghostbot Records.

It could be described as some kind of bummer boogie rock, like Van Halen on bathtub drugs.

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