Recommended Album: Quasimoto – Yessir Whatever


Lord Quas does it again.

Yessir Whatever, the latest LP from Madlib’s villainous alter-ego Quasimoto, is more of a mash-up of songs than a cohesive album. Songs spanning over the past 12 years are on the record, and despite the album not being created as one piece, it all fits together neatly under Madlib’s hazed out eye. The soul inspired production is as top notch and weird as anything Madlib’s ever done, as he continues to show why he has few peers in the field. Yessir Whatever may not pack the overall punch of The Unseen or The Further Adventures of Lord Quas, but it’s still a must have record – and is a perfect fit for 90 degree summer days, where the best option is air conditioning and kicking back.

Yessir Whatever was released on Vinyl on 06/21/13 and can be purchased over at Stones Throw.

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