Recommended Album: Renny Wilson – Sugarglider

Renny Wilson (Photo - Lyle Bell)

Placing Renny Wilson’s music in a neat bucket isn’t fair to him or music.  (Photo – Lyle Bell)

Renny Wilson’s debut album, Sugarglider, has flown under the radar too much this year, which may be due to it being labeled as a “chillwave album”, the scarlet letter of genre pinning in 2013. Self released in 2012, and re-released by Mint Records early this year, Sugarglider certainly fits into what you’d consider “chillwave” – but honestly, why is that such a bad thing? Credit to Wilson’s Wikipedia page, which tries to shy away from this title by calling him a “lo-fi disco singer-songwriter” – which is actually pretty damn clever, but still, why is that necessary?

By definition a Sugar glider is an omnivorous possum (who knew!), which means it’ll basically eat anything. Listening to Wilson’s music you can see how he’s omnivorous with the influences that seep into the structure of his music. It’s quite brave the amount of different genres he tackles and melds together. The end result may sound like lo-fi disco, chillwave, or whatever you’re calling it – but the pallet he chooses from to create his music is extremely varied; from soul to kraut to funk to left-field indie, he makes it all work together in an interesting way.

I think it’s time to stop discrediting ENTIRE genre’s of music and start giving more credit to the acts that truly separate themselves from their peers. In this age of Twitter, Blogs (guilty), and instant gratification we want to claim something dead as soon as it becomes King, where maybe we just need to chill-out some and let the cream rise and shit fall.

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