Recommended Album: Soft Pyramids – Fossils of the Free World

Somerville's Soft Pyramids

Somerville’s Soft Pyramids

When it comes to sports I’m an unequivocal homer. The color of my glasses are often rose while the cup’s consistently half full. That said, I’ve had mixed feelings on the Boston music scene over the past decade. But – as with everything there’s peaks and valleys, and as such, it’s become increasingly hard not to get vertigo for the scene’s been riding a steep apex for awhile now – and bands like Soft Pyramids are a reason why we’re continuing to rise past the already established summit.

The five piece from Somerville weave icicle sharp guitars around a tight rhythm section that evokes early Radiohead & mid-career Spoon or Wilco. There’s no gimmick to the music, no drastic changes in tempo or style, just tight, solid, guitar driven angular pop. With track’s like “Around This Town” (video below) – it’s becoming hard not hear anything but roses around Boston, blizzards be damned.

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