Recommended Album: Teen Daze – The House On The Mountain

Teen Daze

Teen Daze welcomes the changing of the guard.

Living in the North East can be a drag from February to April as the charm of winter wears out its welcome and the barren trees and slushy sidewalks make every day appear dreary and gray. Enduring these few manic months is worth it when the first day of spring arrives, and that day was yesterday in Boston. Living with four seasons provides appreciation for a lot of things, and that first day you’re just wearing a T-Shirt and remembering what warm sunshine feels like is as magical as the first snowfall of the year.

Teen Daze, a solo artist from British Columbia, Canada – obviously understands the importance of Spring, and when he posted his new EP on Facebook last night I was primed for some Springtime cheer. You can purchase The House On The Mountain via his Bandcamp page.

“This is my love letter to spring, flowers, gardens, recording in a kitchen, and of course, my dearest Paulina.”

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