Recommended Album: The D.A. – You Kids!

The D.A.

The D.A. (Photo – Edward Louis Droutsas)

Natives of El Paso Texas, The D.A. play an equable brand of what you’d call “indie-dance rock” – although that may box them into this genre a little too neatly. Their songs don’t quite have the DFA punch of lets say, The Rapture – but they also lack the sugar coated pop of a band like Passion Pit, which in turn makes their music sound much more genuine, approachable, and unique. Aside from creating songs that are packed with nostalgia, something I’m an admitted sucker for, what really makes The D.A. standout is their instrumentation, which has touches of early Modest Mouse and even mid-career Talking Heads. I’m particularly fond of their use of live horns, something none of their peers are even attempting; this coupled together with lyrics that are both simple & clever (“All my friends are feral cats”) (“And another five years of Bowie, for one more dance with you”) – make for quite the punch for the Texas based quintet.

The D.A. are currently on an East Coast tour and play The Velvet Lounge in D.C. tonight. You can purchase You Kids! over at their website, and watch the video for stand-out track “Pastels” below.

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