Recommended Album: The Men – New Moon

The Men

The Men may have released their Magna Carta with New Moon.

The Men’s fourth LP off of Sacred Bones Records, New Moon, is destined to dominate many End of the Year Lists come November, and deservedly so, it’s their greatest effort to date. Hot off the success of Open Your Heart, The Men ditched New York City and headed Upstate to record New Moon, and the slower pace and space of the Catskills shine through in songs such as “The Seeds” and “Bird Song“. The tracks are free, easy, and whiskey drenched, sounding like Beggars Banquet-era Stones had an affair with Rust Never Sleeps Crazy Horse. The band can still get heavy, as is apparent with the below “I Saw Her Face” and the standout track “Electric” – making for a beautiful balance between hard and soft on the album, and is one of the reasons it’s sure to rank high for me come November.

New Moon was released last week and is available online and at your local Record Store.

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