Recommended Album: Tropical Popsicle – The Dawn of Delight

Tropical Popsicle - The Dawn of Delight

Tropical Popsicle – The Dawn of Delight

I’m a huge fan of Volar Records and their entire excellent catalog, but for whatever reason Tropical Popsicle’s insanely rich debut LP, The Dawn of Delight, slipped passed my periphery in 2013. Shame on me. Luckily it’s now locked firmly in my sights, and man was I missing out, the record absolutely kills.

Tropical Popsicle would fit seamlessly with the kids on the Woodsist record label, but being from the West Coast (California) there’s a slant to their brand of lo-fi psych that the East Coast just doesn’t have. Their sound weaves between bright Byrds harmonies, bummer bop, and reflective gaze. One minute you’ll be lost in a carnival space dream on “The Beach with no Footprints” only to find yourself swaying on the next track to the driving jangle of “Tethers”.

With this deft diversity The Dawn of Delight has many looks within it’s collection, however, like a seasoned cigarette soaked fashion designer it’s able to weave a cohesiveness that may make the album a masterpiece, or at the very least, a great album.

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