Recommended Album: We Are The City – Violent

We Are The City (Photo - Kirsten Berli)

We Are The City take an interesting approach with Violent. (Photo – Kirsten Berli)

Vancouver’s We Are The City have an anthemic approach to their music, creating soundscapes that are soundtrack ready and built for the crescendo. So it’s no surprise that Violent, their second album, will be followed by a feature-length film written by the band and filmed by Vancouver’s Amazing Factory Productions in Norway. A pretty ballsy approach for your sophomore album, right?

The script is written completely in Norwegian, a language the band doesn’t speak (See: Ballsy) – and the subtitled yet to be named film is to be a companion piece to the record.

“The film goes as a companion to the record, but it’s not a must-have,” Vocalist and Keyboardist Cayne McKenzie notes. “They both stand alone.”

My “Red Flag” meter spins off the charts when a yet to be established band creates a record for a movie written by them in a language they don’t speak – but as the below track, “Baptism”, testifies – the music really does stand-up on its own, I just hope the movie doesn’t taint what should be their main focus, their music.

Violent is out today (06/04) via iTunes.

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