Recommended Album: Zac Trainor – ATUOTS

Zac Trainor's Debut EP will be dropping 01/30/15.

Zac Trainor’s Debut EP,  ATUOTS, will be dropping 01/30/15. (Photo – K. Chasteen)

Zac Trainor is one of the most versatile & ambitious artists I know – what sets him apart is that he’s as comfortable behind a canvas as he is behind a guitar, keyboard, or laptop. This ambidexterity allows his art to evolve together instead of being compartmentalized within each medium, creating a mosaic path that weaves consistent & familiar textures through his paintings, sculptures, and music.

On his debut EP, ATUOTS (At The Uprising Of The Sun), Trainor’s music sounds exactly like his most recent works look – ghostly, layered, & nostalgic. There’s a confident loneliness to the EP that lends the listener to self reflection. Negative space is as important as the synths – and the droning blending of textures leads to a mediative and peaceful state.

Zac is a Massachusetts native who now resides in Winston-Salem where he’s a collective member at Delurk Gallery and also teaches mixed-media painting techniques and abstract painting courses/workshops at the Sawtooth School for Visual Arts. Zac and I have made noise together in the past with Cold Bazooka – and our Iron Elbows project continues to evolve despite distance.

  • ATUOTS will be available via BandCamp on Friday, 01/30/15.

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